Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sew Easy

This is a very simple project to do.
You can use ready made pot holders or make your own.
I needed some new ones so I just shopped the $Store.
Got 2 potholders and 2 towels for 4 bucks.
I did wash the pot holders prior to sewing.
Just to be sure there was no color bleed.
If you do not have a cabinet handle to hang them on they fit over some oven handles as well.
Make fast and fun gifts too!
Can begin the Christmas gift sewing now!

Start with a towel and potholder.

Gather the towel up in middle.

Pin pot holder to gathered part of towel .
Make sure the loop is at top .

Sew on machine using your even feed foot.
I go slow and use a bit longer stitch.
Do Not Sew Over Pins.

Fold up your pot holder find middle of loop.
Mark and sew on your button.

Slip over your handle and button up!
Your hanging hand towel is ready to go.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My 'CREATE' Banner

This is a project I worked on this week.
It is a banner for my 'creation room', as my DH calls it.;-)
Saw one somewhere a long bit ago and liked it.
Think they used larger vintage photo mats.
I just used some I found at the local Dollar Tree.
Antiqued them with a mix of paint and tan dye.

Used scrapbook papers, stickers and assorted old items glued on.

Printed the large letters off pc.

Tore the papers to give them an aged look.

This old button pack I found in a drawer.
Left the sale tag on it from Murphy's.
They are no longer in business in our area.

Tried to get a shot to show the sparkle I added.;-)
Everyone needs a bit of sparkle in their days!
It is hanging above the windows for now.
Have another piece of furniture to paint an move in.
Think this may go in different spot then.
Was fun to play with paper and glue for a bit!

Thanks for dropping by!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Olde Vintage Hearts..

I call the hearts 'olde vintage' but they are 'newly' made.
Sewed them up using some very very worn old quilt pieces.

I love how they look in my old dough bowl.
This poor old quilt was more 'holey' then righteous as my Mama would say.
Most of the fabrics washed and worn away.
At least parts of it has found new life for me to enjoy.

May have to add some wool hearts with an old key or two.
For now though I think these are just wonderful.

Old and new mix in this vignette.
Warms my soul to look at it.

My lamp is new from our local General Dollar Store!
Who knew they had such cool things!
Just never know where you will find a treasure...;-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snowman tweaked..

...just a bit.

He used to look like this...barely there.
Just did not show up enough on the tea stained back ground.

Now he does!
Used a very very light gray over the other DMC.
I know hard to tell a difference in these pics but trust me he pops now!

Speaking of pop'n!! Look at the guy in his jazzy hat!
He is awesomely coool!
Diana stitched up this sampler for me!
In he went in the skinny frame and on the mantle!

We are still cold here.
Did see a flurry or two yesterday and that was it.
Now looks like we may see two more later in week...;-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Accuquilt Go! and a Mug Rug

Yes I have made a couple mugs rugs along with the rest of blog-land!;-)
I used 2 inch strips and Rose of Sharon flowers cut with my GO!cutter.

Made two matching ones with mugs and chocolate for part of Alice's Christmas gift.
I also made her runners for her table but for some reason I can NOT find any pics of them!! Will have to ask Alice to take some for me!

This is a candle mat I made her with a candle wrap Diana stitched.
She did the wrap in Alice's fav color of purple! ;-)

This is a vanilla scented wax battery candle.
Love these! Does have the flickering look of a real candle without the worry.
I have had mine by fireplace for 2 yrs and batteries still holding.

Well we did finally get all the Christmas stuff back in storage.
So then it was time to put house back to normal, well as normal as we get here.
I like to redo things and so I have been moving things around, pulling this out putting this away. Playing sort of..;-)

Put a few of the snowmen on the mantle for a bit.
Snow Angel is a BittersweetFolkArt Primitives original by my friend Mandy.
If you love some prim check out her patterns...;-)
I think Mr. Winterberry needs to come live here too.

Changed out the wall quilt for one of my very old old ones.
This one is very very worn but I love the part that shows.

We are cloudy now and expecting a rain over night with the occasional flurry.
Yes Winter is still here.

Well back to sewing up some pretties for my dough bowls.
Will share that in another post.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moving On

Poor naked tree. It is all packed away in it's bag now.
Yes moving on with the month of January.
Can you believe it is now the second week of the New Year!
Putting the holidays behind us once more.

Loads of Christmas Decor packed up one more time.
Still have a few more things to finish up with all that.
Been a busy time.

Ha... Ha...just thought this fella was looking like.. NO! Not me too..No!

Next on my To Do List is this. TA DA...!!;-)
This is looking into my space inside the door.
To the right is the cutting table and closet.
To left is the pc desk and behind me a book case.
Yes sewing, cutting and ironing can get a bit messy.

When you are doing a lot.
Up till the gift sewing frenzy I had done a pretty good job of straightening up from project to project.
I started moving stuff from pile to pile. ;-(
All I really need to do is put things away in their proper places.
Straighten up the fabric cabinets and closet again.
Putting batting away.
Cleaning off the cutting table!
Whew beginning to sound like a couple days work!
Am I the only one who is messy??
I sure hope not!
Misery loves company ya know!;-)

Yes sewing table end a mess also.
It will look better by weeks end..or that is my plan anyway.
I am still enjoying my 'new' room.
Still tweaking it though.
Lighting is awesome now compared to the dark hole it once was.
Just goes to show painting paneled walls can make such huge difference.

Yesterday was medical run around day for me.
Had some joints drained then some injections.
Not a lot will happen today.
Tomorrow should be better.

We got ice over night with some snow flurries.
Not as bad as it could have been.
Day is not over though and we are to get a mix off an on today.
A cold damp day which is not a good day to be out and about at least for me.
Inside with my own ice packs and heats pads..oh yeah some nice hot tea!
Reading on my NEW KINDLE Santa brought me for Christmas!!
I love being able to just load up a book instead of shopping or library.
Was not sure I would like it but I must say I do!
Really enjoyed having the Kindle yesterday at the medical center.
Easier to handle then a book too.
I was not the only one with one.
Seems it was a Kindle Christmas this year!!

Hope you all are getting on with your New Year and some new projects.
Look forward to seeing them on all your blogs!!
Take care stay warm and dry if you can.
Some kinda Winter we are having so far!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Luck, Stitchery and Gifts

Okay this was our New Years Day 'good luck' meal.
Black eyed peas and greens with spiced pineapple ham.
DH made home made crescent rolls as well.
Was all yummy. Enjoyed it!
Now to the luck part.
DH thinks it is not working.
He has a cold. One of those drawn out miserable ones.
Yes I am rethinking this luck thing too! got it..he is sharing it with me too!

This is one of my fav gifts!
I huge wonderful rooster mug from niece and family.
For my Earl Grey tea breaks or nice big mug-o-hazelnut cafe coffee.
Today for herbal tea to keep my head open;-(

Next is this cream-ware rooster napkin holder!
One of my gifts from son and DIL.
So cute holding those snowman napkins on the counter.

Now not sure if you recall me doing this or not.
Red-work stitchery Snow Folk Nativity scene.
Needs another frame for next year.
Did not fit in this one too well.

Diana added these pretty red beads to it!
I think it really gave it that extra special touch!
Just sets it off!

Woe oh woe is me.
Loads to do and really do not feel like it.
Must try though.
The wee sewing room needs a post holiday -sewing like a wild and crazy Santa Granny - clean up!!!

Happy weekend!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Old Christmas Day/ Christmastide Greetings!

Today is Old Christmas Day.

Glass nativity on an old vintage song book.

Songbook open to Joy to the World.

I had rosemary in the arrangement but removed it when it dried out..;-)
Fabric used on the runner are Thimbleberries.

It is the 12th Day of Christmas the day your True Love should have given you all those wonderful gifts and a Partridge in a Pear Tree...;-)

Aunt Dot ,90 yrs old,and my Mama always recalled this from their childhood.
So as long as Mama was with us we would leave up the decor till after Old Christmas Day.
A lot of churches have moved away from it or changed it to fit their modern day needs.

In historical times, days were counted as beginning and ending at sunset (rather than midnight, which required an accurate clock). In that system of reckoning, evenings were the first part of the day, so Christmas day would be considered to begin at sunset on December 24th, and end at sunset on the 25th; therefore, Christmas Eve was originally the beginning of the Christmas holy day. This is why so many traditions have Christmas Eve services.The Twelve Days of Christmas

The “12 Days of Christmas” that we sing about begin on the day after Christmas (a common misconception is that the “12 Days” ends on Christmas). Christmas Day is not included in the “12 Days” because it is a Holy Day, and was considered too sacred for partying and merriment; therefore, the “12 Days” began immediately after Christmas.

Using the old “sunset to sunset” reckoning described above, the “12 Days” lasted from sunset on December 25th until sunset on January 6th, the day of Epiphany (also known as “Twelfth Day” in many traditions). In this reckoning, the evenings of the twelve days begin on the evening before the specified day, so

Twelfth Night is the evening of January 5-6.

This old reckoning has the Church seasons of Christmastide and Epiphany overlapping on January 6th. Many traditions (including our own) choose to have Christmastide end as Epiphany begins. Thus, we celebrate Christmastide until the early morning of the Twelfth Night.

Today (until sunset) is the 12th Day of Christmas.

Can go here and read more if you want too..;-)

Wishing you the 'bestest' day!



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 'Forever' Candy Cookie Cottage

Is this not just adorable!
Sitting on a quilted Christmas sampler runner.

This was the birthday gift from DH back in Nov 201o...sooooo last year..;-)
The ginger kids and cookie trees came with it .
Looks real and delicious enough to try a bite!;-)
So cute with the Christmas Snowman and the snow-globe wobble Santa and Snowman!
The elves on the trees are candle huggers that became tree huggers instead...hahahaha!

I showed it in the box only in Nov.. well here is is all set up on the old oak chest in living room .
We had a couple small trees with white lights so used them to make it 'glow'.

Looking across the room.
Shoot should have had a fire going.
Sorry for the glare off the white lights.
No idea why that happens.

I have enjoyed the wee sweet cottage immensely and do not want to take it down!
Ya think if I added some candy hearts I could pull it off for Valentine's Day?????


Sunday, January 2, 2011


I changed up my tablescape.
Went from Christmas to a SNOW Folks theme.
Love me some Snow Fellas!
Okay ...I know.. I did whine about all the snow outside a bit ago.
By the way it is GONE!
At least with these snowmen they never melt and make a mess!
Most of these have been gifts to me over the years.

A platter my son gave me a few years ago.
Snowman needle roll from my sweet niece Diana.

My DIL gave me this snow folk pair.

The tea pot set was a birthday gift from son and his wife a few years ago.

Table set for two.

This one was from my Mama.

Even have snowmen on the creamy white plates!

Snow flakes on the glasses.

The butter bell was a gift to DH from our niece this year.
Works great. He keeps his Amish Butter in it.

Had our New Years Day meal here.

Looks so pretty from the living room!

Last but not least this big fella is on the antique school desk by the old oak cabinet.
Another gift that I treasure!
That is my version of a snow ball tree.;-)

Just had to share!
Will share some Christmas pics later!

Thanks for looking!!