Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LizaJane is at Peace

No more suffering and pain.

The angels came and took her home.

Very sad she could not have found her way to us sooner, may have saved her.

I am honored to have been her last caretaker here on Earth so she at least knew a loving hand and gentle care.

I held her head and let her know she was going to where she would suffer no more.

Vet said this was the worst case they had ever seen and still be barely alive.

LizaJane was between 8 or 9 years old and positive for heart worms.

(This was the guess for the reason she was ‘turned loose’. A practice I did not know about!)

Had severe ear and eye infections.

Her liver and kidneys had already shut down so badly was no return.

She was in pain.

The only loving compassionate thing to do was let her go in peace with dignity.

Once again we were shown that this world can have it’s ugly side.

Not all pictures are beautiful.

We can either turn a blind eye or we can step up to help when we see the ugly.

Thank you to each one of you who offered money/ help for this sweet pup.

You could make a donation in LizaJane’s name and memory somewhere to help another poor sweet hunting dog.

I know there are many local, to you, organizations who would put it to good use .

Just know I feel honored to know you , if only through our blogs.




  1. Crying here....emotional day already as is....such a sweet angel.

  2. So so sorry....will be thinking of ya!!!

  3. What a wonderful gift to have loving hands to care for her when she needed them.


  4. Like you, I only wish that she had made her way to you sooner. Thankfully she was not alone in the end and was with someone who truly cared about her.

  5. That just breaks my heart! I'm glad she found you to at least know how love can feel! Bless your heart for taking care of her!
    Much love & hugs!

  6. I can tell from the picture of her you have on this blog post that she felt as comfortable as possible AND relieved to have found someone who would help her get beyond her suffering. You will truly be blessed for what you did for her. I cried when I read your email about this earlier and am choked up again now. I'm sure your Sadie greeted her and they both were blessed to know of your loving nature.

  7. You are an angel to help in this way. Such sadness, but a good ending to her awful suffering.

  8. I am so sorry for the loss you have gone through with her. Like you said she knew love before passing. My prayers are with you.

  9. Oh my..this story breaks my heart. Do people think that animals feel nothing? You have a loving heart and I am glad you were there for her.
    God bless!

  10. Awww Lola... how can people be so cruel... it is the same around the world - I've seen it here too with a dog that got abandoned at our neighbour's house, and kittens that just get dumped.... Thankfully there are some of us that care and can give these animals a bit of love... bless you dear one...

  11. I am so sorry! I was so in hopes she could be healed. Thankful her last hours were with ones who loved and cared for her and with her on her journey to heaven's gates.

  12. Hi Lola,
    Your last couple of posts have just been heart wrenching. Poor Liza Jane. I am glad her suffering is over and that she is at peace. So sad.

  13. We need more caring folk in the world like you and Cyndi.

  14. bless her and you for taking such great care of her

  15. It is so sad, but I am glad she is now at peace.

  16. Thank you for taking her in and giving her peace.

  17. I am so sorry! It is a shame that there arent more people like you. Thank you for giving LizaJane peace and love!

  18. I'm still crying as LizaJane's story is horrific; the only bright light is the love and caring you were able to give her. At least she knew compassion and love when it really matters the most. I'm sure she's waiting at Rainbow Bridge and having a blast with the other furbabies.

    My heart really does ache but she's at peace now, thank God you were there for her!

  19. I'm so glad she felt your kind hands.

  20. Oh my gosh Lola, Ijust read your blog. How awful. How could anyone turn a blind eye on a dog. We love our two dogs and have had dogs for most of our lives. They become family. My heart goes out to you. hugs, Linda

  21. As the others have said, I'm glad Liza Jane had loving arms around her in her final moments - God Bless You Lola.


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