Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Sewing
Here is a pic of the banners I made using these fat quarters from Walmart! Cute!
Made a few for gifts too.
Working on some cross body bags now.  Fun summer fabric from Joann's.  My own pattern I made up from a pic I saw a while back.
These will be simple  square bottom totes to use for summer picnics and concerts in the park!
My sweet sewing room helper hard at work! Where Mama is she has to be also!

So happy the 'Blogger Comment' issue seems to have been resolved!
Can reply to comments once more through email. If you do not receive an email in reply it means you are a No Reply Blogger.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Saki's Quilt
Our newest grand cutie, Saki. She was born last April on her G Grandpa's birthday!
Such a little doll. Now a year old. Adorable too.Time flying again!!! Need to figure out how to get my pics from cloud to pc. I am just not a techy gal.
I made her this star quilt. All made with scraps and stash! Just went digging in my strip bins and this is what I came up with. Very romantic florals, prints and soft colors.
Nine of these huge blocks would make for an awesome quick quilt!
Was just thinking we need a red, white and blue sofa/lap quilt for summer. hummm...

Monday, June 18, 2018

Mini Quilts or Mug Rugs
 Made quite a few of the St. Patrick Day ones. Some as gifts others sold.
Made these as part of my Valentine gifts . As before some wanted to buy so sold a few. Most things I do sell are that way by word of mouth. I do have to say No more these days.
 These were for my two sweet Paris loving nieces. So happy they were able to make the trip to Paris to see it all for themselves!
My fav are these..watermelons! Would love to make more watermelon things for summer.
Just not enough hours in the days! More like not enough hours in me!! ;-)

I do enjoy smalls. You get to enjoy the finish sooner that way! Less likely to become an UFO too! ;-)

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saying Goodbye

Having to say that for the last time is so very hard.
Saying it to a beloved pet seems to just come so very heartbreaking.
This sweet fella is our darling grand pup , Beamer.
Such a big sweet clown so fun and loving.
Was a heart stealer from the get go.
Loved his Grandparents each in a different way.
So gentle with his Grandpa who suffers from Alzheimers. 
Such a smart boy.Poor sweetie has been struggling this last year with cancer.
Did not think would take him so soon .
The side effects are the culprits.

 Was his Daddy and Mama's 1st baby, an only child till baby O came along.
Beamer loved his lil sis and was her playmate and guardian from day one.
He would be there to wake her up and to say goodnight.
Super hero gal and her side kick.

How O will handle it at her young age ?  No idea.
Hope she will except knowing her 'WEEMER' is in heaven with God.

 Beamer only knew love and showed love from the beginning of his sweet life till the end.Will be missed and never forgotten. You left us all with the sweetest of memories.
Fly high sweet boy. Job well done.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Flag Day
 Slipped my mind when scheduling posts today was Flag Day! Here is our display for the summer. Flag items made by hand. Stitched and quilted. Wall in living room.
 When I shared the fabric wreaths/candle mats I mentioned one was on our dining room table.
I sat this nice big rooster planter in the middle and made my center piece around it! All red, white and blue. Small flags here and there.
The runner is a log cabin block runner.
Just pulled out red, white and blue items.
Found that sweet lil pail and straws at Dollar Tree! Saw some nice blue glasses at Family Dollar but left. I may just run by there tomorrow and get them!! Love $$ stores!
I washed up some Starbucks bottles to use with the straws. Look like cute little milk bottles!
Best photos I could get. Lighting not the best.
I only set table for two. Just DH and I.
Have our Old Glory flying in our front yard also. Past photo, cloudy out.
Love using our Americana colors and flags to celebrate our sweet warm summer time!!

Alice a Birthday Wall Quilt

So this is another project I made while on blog hiatus .;-)
Made it for my pal Alice to hang up in her sewing area. She loves purple so I found a fun charm pack or two, I believe from Tuesday Morning. It is all my 'design' if you will. Not really that difficult to make up as you go! She loves her pets , two cats and now one cute beagle. So had to have a cat on it!

Wish I has room in my sewing room for more hangings.
A smaller version of this would be cute with maybe my two kitties represented on it!  No room though! Now it is time to work on her gifts for this year!!! I better get to it as it will be here in less than a week!! YIKES !! Well that is okay. We can stretch her birthday fun out till end of the month!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Some New To Me Projects
I had seen these around social media for a bit.
Looked intriguing . So looked at UTube videos and decided needed the original pattern.
FOLD'N STITCH WREATH by Poorhouse Designs.
Easy to read with photos! Always love lots of photos. I am a very visual learner!
My problem came when sewing the units together!!
More than once had to un-sew, as I call it, to flip the unit!
All in all though came out lovely.
The foam is nice and easy to work with. I had mostly the non fusible which works great with a dot or two of glue stick.
I prefer the fusible for this project though. The sew in works good for bag sewing.
Not sure you can see but I added beads to the pretty top piece units at joining points.
The above Christmas one is for our home.

The above one here was a gift to my sweet niece in her favorite, Fall fabrics!
Pretty sure this was a bundle on sale at Joann's .
Now need to get one made for me before Fall decorating time!! ;-)
Here is one just finished for my summer decor. red, white and blue colors. Need to get a pic of  how I have it on our table. Later. We did some stock up shopping so table packed till it all gets where it needs to be!!

Really you should grab a pattern and try it. Not that hard. Does not take lot of fabric. I am thinking a scrappy look would be awesome too. Can hang or use as candle mat or as a table topper.

Here's hoping you keep the fun in sewing this week!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Happy Saturday!

Has been a fun day.
Nice and sunny though hot.
We left home headed to a Walmart 20 some miles away .
Has a large Craft & Sew Dept.
I was looking for some summer red , white and blue fat quarters.

 Had bought some at another store but when went back they were out of ones I wanted.
So guess what?? None  at this Walmart either! Oh well !!

DH and I took a nice detour to a little town we had never been to.
Not much there but you could tell it was a busy rail road town at one time.
Sad so many small towns have died or are dying away.
We had lunch and ice cream then headed home!

One of the projects I finished up was an I Spy for our great grandson Early.
I call it I Spy a Dino!
He loves his dinosaurs so had to add a couple pieced ones!
Have a 3 more I Spy quilts to do!! One needs to be girly!
Wish I could have it finished by her July 2nd birthday but not going to happen!!
Gee whiz I sure miss my young self at times! hahaha!

Well went to settings but sure did not find a solution to the comment email sitution.
So reckon will just have to go on as we are doing.

Take care now and have a glorious Sunday!

Thursday, June 7, 2018


Goodness time flies it seems. May gone and June a week in already.
We have the hot and humid weather  early too.
That normally is a July/August kind of thing.
Thank goodness for AC! No way could I handle going back to just fans.
Though I must say the sound of a fan and the light breeze as I nap brings back sweet summer memories.

We are still here after almost 2yrs not posting!
Not kicking as high but some better than as last I posted here.
Illness can take over your life and do with it as it pleases!
DH's kidneys recovered with time and surgeries.
I still fight the PsA fight. Sometimes it seems it will win but so far I keep coming back!

Not as many updated blogs as there used to be. I do see some bloggers on Facebook.
Others seem to have just gone! Sad though I do understand.
Time gets ahead of you and no time to surf and blog.

Not sewing to sell as much anymore.
Still sewing for my family and pals as often as I can!
Something I love and enjoy and so hope to be able to do for a few more years!
Will share some of my finished projects sewn over last year or so. 

I still tweak my small sewing room around from time to time!
Fabric shopping did not stop while I was away! Lordy!
We found this old sweet painted cupboard on FB Market Place.
Yes filled her right up! She is not all that high dollar. Her age is showing a bit but that suits me just fine!  We can be two old dames hanging out in the sewing room together!
Hope these are not side ways when I upload! Cell phone pics seem to do that a lot!
If they are just tilt your sweet lil head to the right.;-)

Reckon will have to learn Blogger all over again!!
Have seen quite a few interesting notices on my account page.
Not sure what it all means but will deal.
I still enjoy reading my favorite blogs!
Also understand there is a problem with the comment email notices.
If anyone is still reading my blog at this point or get updates and wish to comment, I will just reply post to that comment.

Have a lovely evening!