Saturday, January 24, 2009


Update: DTV job was finished by 12 midnight!!!!
We turned lights out at 12:30 AM! I did not get in bed as soon as I had wanted! We are happy though! Hubby loves his set up, with the fancy new TV and I love having my own TV for when I want to watch something different!
Oh yes the DTV fella was a nice person, did a fansatic job and he had a flat tire that made him late!!

It is 10:14 PM EST and we have a Directv fella climbing around our roof and under the house!
Can you believe that???!!
He did not make it here at 12 noon needless to say.
I am getting ready to take the cat and pup to our room and turn in for the night!!!
I was not online today much to keep phone line clear for the above mentioned person to call...;-)
I did some sewing so will share that with you all tomorrow late or Monday.
I will be out shopping/looking tomorrow , yes fabrics will be involved.

I did order a new piece of sewing equipment tonight a Janome serger, from Hancock's.
Nothing too complicated or expensive. Had a coupon and free shipping was also offered.
Should work fine for what I plan on using it for.
Well off to my bed leaving the gents to it!!


  1. Oh my gosh!! I never would have thought they'd be here this late!! It will be worth it, but Oh My Gosh!

  2. Have fun on your shopping trip. I'll be interested to know what you think of the Janome. I'm interested in buying a new serger (we call them an overlocker).

    Cheers...Ann :)


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