Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fall Theme Gifts
 Made our daughter-in -law some gifts for her Fall birthday! Doing my own thing no pattern. Strip pieced and quilted bench pillow with some Fall applique.
I am working on one for me now!
Alice cane over on Thursday for sew day and we started on ours together.
Also made these towels to go with her pillow. Happy to say she liked them! I do love sewing things in season. Seems to make it more enjoyable for me.
Time to get in gear for sewing up some Christmas gifts as well!!
Need to make up my list!

We have a truly Fall weekend upon us. Temps are cool and leaves are falling. Sunshine but very windy. Our maples have not colored up yet but along the wood line edge of cotton field are some pretty tree colors.

Soup, stew and chili season!! Also baked goods!
DH baked some Cranberry Bread and so delish with roasted turkey and provolone cheese grill toasted!
Will have to be careful or will gain back all the pounds I have lost!!

Wishing all a wonderful weekend no matter where you are located!!
Take care and enjoy!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Happy Fall Friday!

Well we survived hurricane Matthew. Our area had loads of rain and wind. High tide brought lots of flooding of major bridges and roadways. most were closed a good while. the two out by us finally cleared up by Wednesday. Had lots of power lines out and trees down. We were without power for close to 24 hours which is a lot better than some folks had to deal with and in NC and SC still folks without power.

Our damage was by wind then heavy rain. The winds blew our crawlspace door off then huge amount of rain blew in under our house! So had to be pumped out and still have to have fans and heat lamps going. We had loads of limbs to get up but thankfully nothing fell on our house or the vehicles.
Lots of flooding around us, though most has receded.
Yes we had a lot to deal with here in coastal Virginia but not nearly as bad as folks south of us in coastal NC and SC. So I still keep them in thought and prayers.
I think I am caught up now with laundry and cleaning! 
Pulled out the Fall decor and finished putting that out. Looks so pretty. Still not finished the new runners! Hope to work on them this coming week.  Here are a couple older ones on the blanket chest.

Been sewing on birthday gifts for our DIL.Will share after they are given! ;-)
Son, DIL and Olivia will be here Sunday to celebrate with us belatedly!! 
Can't wait to give Olivia hugs and kisses. Been a bit since we have seen her and she is growing like a weed!!!

We are enjoying some Fall like days here finally.
Cooler temps and beautiful blue skies.
Lots of fun Fall Festivals happening most weekends.
Not sure how many we will be able to attend but do hope we can get out and enjoy the season!
Sometimes it seems like we go from Summer to Winter with no Fall!! So want to make the most of it this year!!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Bye Summer Hello Fall
Pulling out some Fall themed quilts and such. Getting the house in the Fall mood! So happy to have some cooler temps. Here in the big Pumpkin Quilt hanging on dining room wall.  Adding more decor to the table and buffet.
Have a few Halloween things I put up. Not many but enough for kids to enjoy. This Ghosts one I made many moons ago thinking it may have been Art to Heart but not sure.
Here are the Jacks on the hearth! Olivia will love them I bet. So bright and funny.

Still working on the new Fall table runners and some birthday sewing. I had to stop to get prepared for hurricane but now we are not going to be in the line. Just 100% rain for Saturday and Sunday.
Still better to be safe than sorry so we are stocked up and ready for the next storm be it a hurricane or Nor'easter! We have had drizzle rain every day this week not related to hurricane. Ready for some sun soon!

Well best get back to work!
Sending thoughts and prayers for all those in the path way of Matthew.