Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bye Bye August 08!!

Wow!! It is over already we are headed into Fall !!
Sept begins tomorrow and Tuesday school is back in ! Soon all the holidays will be at us one by one!
I have been pulling out some Fall decor a bit at a time. Yesterday I opened my cedar chest and pulled out some small quits, runners and hangings. Such fun to see them again!!!
Love the Fall look so much. I would put it back up after the winter holidays if I could ...DH may not agree with me....;-)

Tuesday will be my 5th and last knee injection for this round of treatments in my knees. So I will be sewing up a storm..or that is what I am planning!!!
Why I have been AOL some what last few weeks. ;-(

The Stitchers Angel Swap is underway.
2 projects have already been posted for anyone to do. Fun ones too.
Free for you to use ...swapper or no.
So go on over and check it out!!!

I will soon be posting a peek a boo look at one of my gifties for my Aussie Angel!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall Giveaway

Bonnie over at Calamity Janes Cottage Blog is having a GET READY FOR FALL GIVEAWAY!!!
It is for a super cute Fall tote/purse.
Click on over an sign up.Tell her I sent ya!!!

Had to add a fall pic or two.;-)
Here is a simple wall hanging .
Love the fall colors so much!
Think I will begin to pull some decor out this weekend!!!

Here is one of the fall purses I made and sent to my daughter last year.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Baby Gal

Special Day....
36 years ago today my lil gal was born!!!
It was a hot and humid early morning in that lil Missouri town. I was also pretty much knocked out so do not remember too much....ha!!
I do recall her little cry more like a kitten meow then any loud crying!!
She was 7+ pounds an 21 inches long! Almost as tall as me..haa!!
She is still taller then her Mama.
Now she is a Mama to 6...yes 6 babes of her own..5 boys and one very cute lil gal!!WOW!!
She has had many an obstacle to over come. She continues to be an amazing Mom and wonderful human being!! So very proud of her.

We do not live near each other but we do try to stay connected by phone and email.
Do wish we could be together today for yet another Birthday Party!!!!

Happy Birthday Dear One!!!!.
Pop and I will enjoy this day full of memories of you!!!!
Love you "muchly"!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wrap Skirt

Well now I do not sew all my own clothes or even many at all anymore.
Just once in a while..;-)
I do have fabric to make up some heavy winter shirts, some silk for some simple dresses and even some soft fabby for some sleep wear. Just need to get to it I reckon.
I did sew right much when my kids were small and during high school years. I also sewed many of my own maternity clothes .
I used to sew out fits for my Mama and Mother-in-Law.
Was just not my fav thing to do!!;-)

I do like simple patterns as I am not a perfect 'seamstress' by any means.
So I go for the easy ones that say 2 hrs or less. Ha!!
I have also found with some patterns I CAN NOT understand all the directions...need lots of pics!!!

I am now into 'comfort dressing' as well. Not sloppy dressing!!
This is what prompted this latest 'sewing frenzy'.
Yes I call it a frenzy as when one hits me I do several things.

I am in need of some easy comfy wearing skirts.
For 5 weeks I am going to have some knee injections done..poor old things need some help..;-)
Anyway I wore a pair of Capri's last Tuesday and nurse had to roll them up.
I get on table, nurse preps me , surgeon shoots them up, then nurse cleans me up.
So got to thinking a skirt would be easier.

Looked through my patterns and I had a 2 hr easy one for a wrap skirt.
New Look by Simplicity 6637 JUST THE TICKET!
Well almost...sadly or inevitably( in my genes ;-) I have gained some weight since last I made one.
Had to adjust my dress form (not mini me anymore) and my pattern for that.
Did pretty good I think.
I like a fitted waist more then elastic which can make my rear look bigger then it is...;-)
This skirt is a nice long a-line look not a swingy full one.

Oh yeah the fabric I used...well I had bought some nice at sheets thrift and they worked out fine!!
Go figure!!! ;-) No, it does NOT look like I used a sheet either! Ha!!
I have soft t-shirts from Coldwater Creek that match the skirts!!

So here is a pic of the first one.
I am almost done with second one, and one more after that!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

tomato and treasures...

So see my first 'mater on the hanging bag planter??
Small but look'in good! May have to pick it today!
Loaded with bigger green ones too!!
As you can see it did grow UP though!! Ha!!!

Here also is a few 95 cent thrift treasures.
The two ice cream dishes are for DH. He had looked at some at the big box store.
These came taped together for 95 cents much better deal! ;-)
Also got these two jack o punkin muffin top pans!!
I do think I know a 'baker gal' who just may enjoy these!!!
Yes the two for 95 cents!!

The store was also doing a sale on Christmas items one get TWO FREE!!
Sadly I did not see anything I really wanted.
I keep thinking about these ice tea glasses I saw, though not vintage but looked it...hummm.
NO!!! Have plenty!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I am call'n it..Retro Holidays!!

When my niece Diana and her BD pal Shirl,went to Williamsburg last weekend they also ribbon shopped!
Here is the 'Kool Yule' ribbon Diana bought for me!
Love this ReTrO SaNtA an SnOw GuY ribbon!!!!

I am pulling out what I consider 'retro vintage' items to use to decorate with this year..
Course I am the 'real' thing...50's retro vintage... haa!!!!!
Oh... okay back to the decor topic.!

Here are some stitched items I plan to use.
This Santa and Snow Guy were stitched up by my sweet Mama many moons ago.
They are pillow covers.
These, pic below,are vintage kits I have found thrifting that need to be stitched up!

This is one I made a quilted Holly Pillow...just have to put backing on it.

I still have a place in my heart for ruffles!!!

I also have 50's table clothes, aprons and some vintage plastic Santa and Snow Guy lite ups!
Got to get them all ready to go.
Now if I could find a silver tree with the color revolving spot light... haaaaaaaaaa!!!

Wonder if I should do some stockings from some old chenille spreads or table cloths...hummm.
I have some of the old red /white stenciled stockings from 40/50's...dig out time!

Isn't it FUN when you are not so serious about the holidays...just decorate for FUN!!!
I know I have decorated many 'styles' ... country, prim, all antique, traditional, brights, blue, white/cream/, oh my what ever!!
I pretty much have used the darker reds and greens Thimbleberries look past few years and still love it!!

This will be the first 'retro look'... or that is what I am calling it anyway! Just for a FUN FUN look!
It may just be a 'Mish Mash', that's okay the Monster wait that is Halloween!!!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Award for me...and my Blogs List!

I want to thank Mary Ellen of 'It's Me I Think' so much for thinking of me!
She has honored me by passing on a Blog Award she received for her 'fun read' one!
Mary Ellen is a jewelery artist , pretty work, check out her web page at Kindness Counts.

So many wonderful blogs out to be read and enjoyed, learn from and share.
If we all just follow the links listed on our fav blogs and add them to our own blog lists or post about them we can share many super ones that way!!

The 'rules' for receiving this award are : Okay so I am not a totally by the rules kinda gal...a good thing and at times a bad thing...;-)
1) Put the logo on your blog. Okay will do.

2) Add a link to the person who awarded you. Keep a link for it's me i think, all the time!

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. I nominate all the blogs I have listed in my blog list!
They are all fun and inspiring reads for me!! Plus so many many more I have yet to list!!
So if you read this gals consider yourself tagged by me!!;-)

Hope ya don't mind being "TAGGED".
If you don't want to do this I don't mind that either.... ..;-)

4) Add links to those blogs on yours. Already there in the side bar blog list !!

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs. If you don't see a post on your blog but read this post YOU ARE TAGGED!!



Friday, August 1, 2008

Sew Along with Pat Sloan

Pat is having a FUN sew along to her book Crooked Cabin Quilts, on her FUN BLOG and
Yahoo Group! Can order the book from her store.
My goodness you get the designer gal herself helping with lessons in your own home! How cool is that!!!!
Such a fun way to use those large theme fabbies!!
I can't do the sew along with them right now but I am keeping the tips for when I begin mine!!
I want to do 2 ....Halloween one and Christmas one!!
I adore Pat's designs so fun and whimsical!
She makes it easy (understandable) and so freeing!!!

Here is the flip flops I used on totes for some young ones and ME!!. FUN!!!
As you can see in above pic at top I have a few of her books...more not in pic! ;-)
I have shown some of her designs I have made in the blog header.
I adore machine appliqué and Pat has helped me take the fear out of it.
Course my Bernina Baby QE 153 ...helps too!!;-)

Check out Pat's quilt design patterns, books and her fabric lines when you are at her store ordering the Crooked Cabin Quilts book...;-)
She also has a free pattern page there along with a newsletter you can sign up for.

I made this one for my Mama , Love in the Air, went to hospital with her every time!
I have it now in my sewing room!

She just had a Farmers Market Block sew along on her Yahoo Group and some of the cutest quilts came out of this one!
Look for her designs in many magazines ...quilt, sewing and craft ones.
Check out Pat's Web Page to see what she is up to.
If Pat ever gets down to 'Southern' Virginia again for a class. I hope to attend!!