Thursday, September 17, 2015

Happy Fall Yawl !!

So been a while since I posted. Time flies as they say! Health up and downs. Just have to roll with it sometimes! Could be a heck of a lot worse off.
I was trying to straighten up my sewing room and found a cute small panel. Fall themed. So decided to work on that for ME. Yes I said ME!! Not something that happens here a lot. ;-)
Added the dark orange border. Was thinking a simple pillow cover but it was calling for MORE!
Next pulled some fats and cut up into 1.5 strips for a patch border.
All in my fav color tones. Makes me want to do a simple nine patch soon!
 Not sure if this is a panel I bought or was given to me! I am thinking it was a quilt show purchase one year. Reminds me of the scare crow dolls I used to sell at craft shows!
 After it was all pieced and quilted I decided to add the appliques. Drew some leaves and pumpkins directly on the Heat n Bond. Did the machine button hole stitch in black and added some quilting. So pleased with it!
Now today I do hope to get binding on.
As for the sewing room straighten up....not done!
Got side tracked don't ya know! ;-)

Fall temps come and go here. So nice when we have a cool and no humid day! Love this time of year.
We are hoping to go to our local county fair tomorrow.
Love seeing the sweet animals, award winning foods and craft items. Was told would be more quilted items this year.
Hubby and I will share a funnel cake. We always do! Our only treat.
If I do not forget will take some pics.

Friday, September 11, 2015