Friday, January 23, 2009

Whew! What a night and Feedsack Bunny Runner

Whew!! What a Night!! No not like the song at all!!
First my cell phone died while I was talking on it!! I had charged it up earlier or thought I did!
Then while DHubbs was on the PC he KILLED my MOUSE.
My fav cordless one!!! Oh dear dear!

Oh the ranting going on!! ;-)
Then house phone rings can’t find where I laid the phone so do wall one !AARRGGHH!
Well it ain’t worth a poot so when I tell son to hang on while I get other phone it does it’s thing and he thinks I hung up!
We keep it only to have when power is off to call elec company to tell them our power is off…;-). To talk on it ya have to hold the line in the phone. UGH!
Yes I know get another one…well have you tried lately to get a reg old vintage wall phone???
Not to be found!!!!
Well Dhubbs is throwing a temper, throwing pencil cause the PC will not except the reg mouse…stomp foot. Son is like I NEED to talk to Pop!!
I am like sure go for it! Ha!!
So after they chat about release of Max Payne on DVD, putting up son’s crown molding in dining room, and other odd male stuff he is calmer,figure that! Shuts PC down and it all works out. Seems my mouse needs new batteries, but hey leave the reg mouse on it and just walk away! Mr. Engineer who had a bad day at office!!!

By then though I do not feel like messing with a blog post. So this is just a few reasons I did not get this posted early !!!
So you have had just a brief glimpse( 1 hour) into my ‘real life’ here next door to Cedar Cottage at the Olde Brick Haus…;-)


I ordered this really sweet pattern, Feedsack Bunnies, from Karen at Sew Primitive Quilter.
Her patterns are Folk Art I did enlarge the bunnies just a bit too.
I used a combo of wool and vintage feed sacks for the bunnies , then I used some spring 30’looking calico.
I found this pale pinkish wool in my wool basket to use, so cute. I used a cream cotton thread to do the stitching on my machine.
I did cut out some with cream wool too, so they are next but in darker country fabs for dresses. I may do some chocolate ones too!
Now all it needs is to be sandwiched and quilted! Yes another project almost done!
I decided on a runner as I use these on my old cedar chest/sofa table! Not a lot of wall space here for more hanging things.
Course this is a NEW project, see this is how sick lil mind me works, still loads on my WIP baskets!! UGH!
Heaven help this warped mind of mine!!!!!!


  1. Oh what a night!! At least you have today to yourself before the male is home to rule the roost for the weekend!! Hope it's a good one!!

  2. Gosh, you really had a night.Sounds like some days around here.

    Love the bunny runner...beautiful!

  3. Pearl, you always brighten my day! And I love the bunny runner! What a cute idea. Keep sharing, I love it!

  4. Well...HECK...night like THAT needs a new project (instead of a WIP). You are well-justified in doing that, in my opinion!!! LOVE those super-cute bunnies!

  5. Life is so much easier with all this technology, wouldn't you agree? Still, what doesn't kill you makes your stronger.

    The Bunnies are as cute as can be. I'm not surprised you were distracted by them.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  6. Oh, Lola! I am so thrilled to see your Feedsack Bunnies! I love them in pink wool and with the vintage bloomer fabrics, they are adorable!! Thank you for buying my pattern.

  7. Your bunnies are adorable! The evening you had, phew! hope that doesn't happen too often...

  8. Don't you just love days like that? That is how my weeks have been going lately!

    Love the bunnies, just too cute!

  9. Very nice, you did a darling job!


Luv hear'in from ya!!