Tuesday, February 17, 2015


We got snow, which was predicted.
No not in the amount predicted but too much for us!
Thank goodness we did not have much of the ice/sleet on top of it either.
Still  we are out in the boonies and do not expect to see a plow truck anytime soon.

Road what road?? It is there buried!
 Took these early this morning.
We got up to maybe 6+ inches in spots and 5 inches in others.
Cold and some wind out of the north.  No this is not as bad as our pals up in North East but it is not the North East!
My sweetie feed the birds, cleaned off our truck and cars. Shoveled walk ways and steps.
We have sunshine now but that will go away soon . Another chance at snow later tomorrow.
Also temps predicted  -4 F Wed night and 2 F Thursday!
What in the world!!! Sure hope and pray that does NOT happen!
We have a pump-house for well which has a heat lamp in for warmth but that is 'tooooo coooold' for us here in Southern VA!.
Pipes could freeze even with dripping!
We have been dripping faucets for a while now too.
Heat seems to stay on...dread next elec bill!
May need some one to float me a loan to pay it...;-)
Happy Winter is short for us...most of the time!

I know this too shall pass. Spring will arrive!
We have jonquils blooming, hyacinths popping up and the maples have buds!
So back to my pot of tea and sewing flannel fabric squares!

Take care everyone and be safe!