Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eggs that sparkle...

Here are some Easter Eggs that sparkle!
Yes I can get girly from time to time!
Faberge has nothing on me! ;-)

So gathered up some 'Springish' fabrics, cutter , rule and small mat.
Also had some Mod Podge glue along with $ Tree plastic eggs.
I bought 3 large treat eggs and 2 bags of 6 medium size eggs.

I cut my first strips too wide so had to redo them.
Best for me was 3/4 to 1/2 inch strips.
Brushed on MP with foam brush.
Also found strips work best top to bottom more than around the egg.
Though I think a couple neat trims would look cool wrapped around the middles.
I was just over them by this point! ;-)
Messy business I tell ya!
Plus at first I had thought to paper mache them with pretty napkins..arrrghh, just saying!
So decided fabric was a more workable medium for me!

Had to add some shine to them as this was matte MP.
So my big jar of fine glass glitter came out to play.
Must add this before they are dry, nice and tacky...oh my!
Yes I bet some will think my eggs tacky... hahaha!

Takes a while to dry!
DH also commented on the scent(stink) the MP and fabric was putting out!
He did find them very pretty though!
Once dry they no longer smell!

I added some dried moss to Aunt Dot's petit four stand.
Put the stand on the Feedsack Bunnies runner on sofa chest for now.
Will move to dining table( if I can ever find it's top again ) as Easter Sunday centerpiece.
Saw the cats eying them a bit ago so may have to move soon!!

This Friday we begin laying the new flooring in guest room at long last!
All the crown molding is in, painted and finished. Looks lovely!
My darling DH rocks!

Hope by Sunday evening can begin moving things back in and unload the rest of the house!
Have Easter Sunday guests coming !!
Besides beginning to think we are living in a storage facility!!
I do think this mess is why I like to have a nice rest period between home projects!!!!
Need to remind myself of this when I get that 'need to get busy on the master bed and bath redo' feeling!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ta Da!!!

This is what I was working of with the 'Paris' linen fabric!
Bed pillows!
Fabric is from Hancock's Fabrics.

These were for my niece's birthday gift!

She had a pile of goodies! Toile bag full!
The pretty boxes are also Paris theme and had goodies inside.
Gift in a gift sort of thing!
Plus Unc made her a Pumpkin Roll too!
She was all set!

Had to include this pic of silly cutie Marmalade helping me with the birthday gifts! hahahaha!

Well another busy week is past.
DH has not been able to work on guestroom.
Hope to get more done this Sunday but will see.
Now if we could win the lotto and he could retire we could get lots more done!;-)

Hope to get some sewing done Saturday morning but will see!!
Take care and have a grand weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GO! Baby by Accuquilt

Would you like to win a GO! Baby?
I'm think' just might want to have one of these
fun toys to play with in YOUR sewing room!

Well click on button and GO! visit Denise at Annie's Ruby Slipperz and give it a GO! . Yes some of my sad ...and Sew On humor there.;-)

I won the larger GO! in a giveaway on Tonya's Sewing Room and do use it. It can come in handy for cutting out shapes for appliques. I have some joint issues so this is a great cutting tool for me. The strip cutter dies are also a handy to use. A great tool to use for scraps that need to be made more usable. Go here to check out the GO! and dies for it.

I had hoped to have my own Giveaway for one of these but sadly did not have enough followers to do so. Here is your chance at one now so GO! for it!
Good Luck!

2012 Golden Quilter Awards

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