Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello and again Thank You!

Thanks so much for your continued prayers, and support for Zavier and my daughter's family.
Our little man is struggling now.
He is in withdrawal from some of his meds.
They have him on another drug that is suppose to help.
Running a bit of a high temp.
Zavie had a wound develop on his leg. It is better.
Was treated for shingles also.
Day by day all any of us can do.
Kristy is doing the best she can for Zavie and her other 5 kiddos.
We appreciate so very much everyone who has offered to donate to the family.
Just not sure how to go about that other than to my Pay Pal and I use for gift cards.
I reckon you could send a gift card or phone card (net 10 )to them using Zavier's hospital address as well. Need to ask about that.

Please understand I am not using my blog to solicit any money!!
I am simply answering some who asked about it.
Thanks so much!
If you knit or crochet soft yarn beanies or caps would be sweet as well.
Zavier loves his camouflage so need to find some in soft fleece.
Cut out a soft blue fleece cap to sew up.
Make Wish has Zavie thinking about his wish. Hard for him.
I can understand that too!
If ya had one big wish what would it be!?!

Have to keep the other kiddos in mind as well so trying to spread the love all around!!
Hard to be a long distance Granny under these circumstances.
Hoping for another visit when I can get things to a point I can fly out.

Now as for sewing...well not much.
Did make myself a dress.
Had too, had nothing to wear on Mother's Day!
Have a pair of jeans to shorten to capris or walking shorts.
Found them at a local thrift for 2.99! Deal!
Pulled fabric for a top to sew up for a Saturday event!
I have gained some(a lot) weight!
Now trying to get rid of it!!
What a job!

Chunky me!! I am very much my Mama's child!
Mama's best bud, Grace, thought it was her coming in the door!!!
Mama was taller than me and so never looked chubby!
Me ...well I am short, so the tune "I am a lil teapot short n stout" comes to mind!!

This is a simple dress .
McCall's 8108.
It is a 1 Hour Dress Pattern.
Just take those measurements and cut to suit!

Today Uncle Ollie turns 89.
Found him a bag of books at the thrift.
He is a reading machine!
So off this afternoon to do a visit with him and Aunt Dot who will be 91 in July.
Time with those we love is precious!
I hope you all have said I love you to those special ones in your life today!!!

Take care and God bless!!


  1. Poor little cutie.. sending prayers.. I hope he is doing better soon!

  2. My friend's daughter wished for a trip to Hawaii, and Make A Wish granted it for her, her 5 siblings and parents. They did a cruise around the islands and saw the volcanoes. She took many wonderful pictures.

    If it makes you feel any better, this was over 10 years ago. The girl, who still has a serious heart problem (and wasn't supposed to survive her first surgery at 2 days old), is in college now and doing ok.

    Miracles happen. Your grandson has been on my mind lately, and I'm praying for him.

  3. Hugs, Lola... thanks for the update. He was weighing on my heart yesterday for some odd reason. I hope things improve for this trooper. Big hugs and prayers for his siblings, too! I know this is tough for them all-around.

    I'm sending the best gift I know to send -- my prayers...


  4. I'm so sorry that Zavier and your family are having to go through this. You all remain in my prayers!

  5. Thanks for the update - I'm sure your heart breaks right along with ours for him. Our very best thoughts go to him and the whole family.

    You look so cute and springy in your new dress - nice to have a springtime dress.

    Do take care and thanks again for letting us know what is going on.

  6. You are as cute as the dickens.

    Sorry for your grandson and all he has to go through. Hope the meds work out of his system and that he will return to full health soon.

  7. Oh dear, Lola, you have so much on your plate right now. I can certainly understand the added poundage you speak of.

    Your family continues to be in my daily thoughts and prayers. I just cannot imagine what it must be like.

    Perhaps the family could start a CaringBridge site. I know that people who want to help can do so through that site plus they can keep everyone updated without having to tell the story a million times.

    God bless all of you.

  8. my mom crochets caps and has a major stash of them. Does your grandson need a certain kind of yarn? I've heard some cancer patients can only wear caps made with certain yarns. Let me know and we will send him some.

  9. I'm sure he will come up with an AWESOME wish! I hope and Pray for his comfort and yours. I love your little dress.

  10. Still Praying!!
    Yes it's true to say I Love You to the ones we love cause you just never know!!

  11. I still send prayers! Oh and look lovely!!

  12. You look great in your spring dress! And I can only imagine how extra hard it must be for you dealing with all this long distance. Sending hugs for you and prayers for Zavier! :0)

  13. Been thinking about you and your family. Hoping and wishing for Zavier's recovery.

    You are sweet! I love your new dress.


  14. My prayers continue Lola, and I can't find the address to send his card. I think I accidentally deleted it. Could I have it again? Bless you, and you look beautiful in your dress.

  15. (((((lola))))))
    Xavier will be fine! my wish is that all the sick little ones heal and grow up to be strong happy adults! its a MOM thing ya know. cute dress! hang in there kiddo!
    (mauh) Liz

  16. Aww I am keeping your family in my prayers. He is such a cutie pie.

    Your dress turned out really cute.

  17. Thinking of you and your grandson.
    Big hugs all around.
    You look co cute in that little dress you made. All the best.

  18. Do take care of yourself. Sending prayers your way!

  19. Praying for Zavier, your daughter and your entire family.

    You look beautiful in your spring dress, Lola, and as I am new to your blog, I love it too. :)

    So nice to "meet" you and thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a new friend.

    Continued prayers will be said for your sweet Zavier.
    Ma Teakettle


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