Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Buggy Barn Book

Firstly Happy Leap Day...;-)
Today is also my Sis-in -law's birthday.
I think she is maybe 17 today! Forever young!!! Hahaha!
We do celebrate her birth every year but she only has a real calendar day every 4 years!

Such a Sew and Sew is hosting a Leap Day Giveaway Blog Hop!
Lots of wonderful giveaways on many blogs!
So be sure to go on over and check it out!

Now one of the books I bought at the quilt show was by The Buggy Barn.
Meggie found it interesting. So here is more about it Meggie!

It is called Frightfully Crazy!

Love them Crazy Jacks!
It is a technique I have never done!

This is the back. Cool looking quilt!

Love these dudes too!

My Fav though has to be this one..If The Hat Fits!!
I hope I can do up maybe a combo of the jacks and these gals!!!
My tutor and partner in crime will be Alice.
Lord I sure hope she will be a patient instructor!!!
I know when I have tried Paper Piecing on my own I just would get so frustrated I could throw it in the trash! Think my poor brain is a one way street! hahaha!
Do hope this is not that bad!!

The Buggy Barn offers their own fabric line too ..yes I have some!;-)
Wool bundles too along with kits for some neat wool projects!
Check 'em out!

So go forth leap into and enjoy this extra day we have today!
Will not see another one for a few more years!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quilt Show Shopping

Yes I did shop a little bit!
Some fabric, books and patterns along with the wonderful Superior Thread.
Saw so much more I wish I could have loaded up in my bag but alas money ran out before my wants list did! Hahaha!

Above pic is a lovely French General Rouenneries Deux layer cake by Moda.
A Spring runner or sofa quilt maybe... not sure if for this year or not!;-)
Yes it is on the Irish runner top all done.
It may be taking a 'dye' bath today...white is too bright for my tastes!

These are from The Fieldstone House booth.
You quilt show shoppers know..the guy with the sign on his back..'line forms behind me'! haha!
Top fabric bundle is a very nice dark rust red color combo.
Next bundle is Maison de Garance by French General.
The fabric bundles work so well together!
A very pretty option for a Fall quilt.
Bought a few more fats but they are gifts so not showing them!;-)

These two are to make Diana a quilt show wallet.
I believe this is part of an older Moda line from Blackbird Designs.
She is a wonderful cross stitcher and now does awesome stitchery!
I made Alice , Liz and me one last year.

This lusciousness came from the French Connection !
It is table cloth fabric.
Fits in with my toile and the soft pale yellow color.
Diana had purchased one 2 0r 3 yrs ago.
We have been looking for another one since then for me.

Books and patterns.
Buggy Barn.. love them and Alice is going to help me with the paper piecing!
Connecting Threads snowman. Right size to hang on the fireplace side.
Art to Heart with a slew of small letter or number quilts or in my case small flags.

Lastly Bunny Hill Designs Merry Merry Snowman!

Here is is done up! SWEET!
Just wanted the pattern, not monthly kits, as I will do it with my stash fabrics.
Plan to use the machine applique mostly .
Thinking my snow folks may be wool ones!

We did have a grand time looking at what was offered and enjoyed it as much as ever!
From Traditions of the White Swan, Attic Heirlooms, Fieldstone House, Superior Threads, Fabric Cafe, Calico Corner, Cottonwood, French Connections, and SEW MANY MORE!!
Hope to see ya next year!!!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Quilt Show Friday

Had a wonderful day last Friday at the quilt show with 2 lovely gal pals, Alice and Diana!
Begin with a nice early start so found a nice up front parking place!
We were early so went for a ni
ce coffee before the show.
When time to go into the show area we joined the herd!

First up was the Superior Thread booth.
Alice and I bought enough to get us through another year!

We always mingle between the show quilts and the vender booths.
Walking up and down each row.

There seemed to me to be less show quilts this year.
Not all were on par with the more excellent ones on display.
Some had threads not trimmed, puckered or split seams.
Was surprised by this!

Here are some of the ones I liked.
You know me, I go for the more country look!;-)

This was traditional all done by hand.

Love that center! Darn!! I did not get the artist info!
I would gladly bring it home though and hang it up!
Yeah... you are asking..where are the reds?! haha!
I love the 'county' look of it.

Here are the reds folks!!

This one called 'Birding'. AWESOME!!
Come to Mama! Hang this one is living room !!
Have a bird theme going on in there I did not even realize!!

These gals are from Chapel hill, NC.
The blocks are Blackbird designs, Bird's of a Feather, but the border is Cissa Kamakura's original design.Quilting done by Jan Struble.


Siggh! This quilt is really not this bright!
Pic did not capture it true.
Yes that has that Bonnie Hunter look for sure!

Title is 'Starry Nights in Troubled Kansas'.
Machined pieced and quilted.
It is by Catherine Meador of Chesapeake, Va.
Local Hampton Roads gal! YES!!
Now I thought I had taken more pics but had some 'senior moments' I reckon!

All these long purple quilted strips have names of those lost to Alzheimer's .

The AAQI put on display so many donated small quilts.
We lost DH's mother , Miss Nellie,to this horrid disease in 2002.
Very moving to see this display.

Sadly for me, not all the venders I like to visit were there this year. Sniff.
I enjoy the fabric, book and pattern, wool and stitchery booths most.
According to Diana though, Alice and I did a pretty good job of looking at what 'was' offered! ;-)
Just seemed to be more 'arty' type venders this year. More jewelry and such.
Was a shoe vender there for goodness sakes!!
Reckon a lot of show venders are being hit hard by the high gas prices too.

We enjoyed the Quilter's Lunch Buffet, along with a room full of other folks!
Got inspired. Did a wee bit of shopping.
We did buy some raffle tickets for quite a few quilts to our liking!
Crossing fingers one of us will win one!

All in all the gals and I had a good time and enjoyed each others company!
What more could you ask for in a day out with dear friends!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


That is Quilt Lovers for this coming weekend!
The Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival is in Hampton, VA Feb 23-26, 2012.
Can read about the area and what is nearby here.

We will be attending on Friday.
Hope to arrive early and stay as long as my legs will allow me too!.
Plan as of now to have the Quilters Lunch Buffet.
Not taking any classes or lectures.
Would like to have done a couple.
Really did not think I would be able to attend at all this year.
Thought my knee surgery would prevent it.
Well that has been put off till some other health concerns are 'fixed'.
Surgeons are picky like that!;-)
Anyway will take it slow and enjoy the show day!
If you plan to attend and would like a meet up just send an email!
Love to meet ya!!

Heart Break To Hope
This is an exhibit of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative(AAQI)donated quilts that will be at the show this year.
So many fine displays it is really hard to see it all!
Then all the venders!
That is like my adult Candy and Toy Mall!!!
Can get high just on the smell of new fabric, patterns and threads!!

So will be sure to post about our fun day!!
Hope weather this year is not as cold and NO SNOW OR ICE!!!

Yes we did get some snow Sunday night.
Just not near the amount or mess they got west and north of us here.
Having a rather 'funny' Winter.
One day freezing next couple days high 60's to 70!
Mild winter and cool summer would suit me fine!
Use less heat and hope less AC come summer!!!

Okay must get to it expecting company today and well need to do a few chores!!!
Take care!!

Forgot to add.....
For now I am going to try the comments without word verification!!
It has become so frustrating for me to do this on other blogs! I hate it!!!!
I had a spam problem way back when so used it but if all goes well will just keep it off!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cold Gray Sunday

Today we are expecting a storm. Nor'easter to blow then a chance of snow over night.
Hope winds do not knockout any power lines! We would lose our heat!
We are just over the snow line so maybe we will not get any or not much!
If it is no more then we got last Saturday evening, above pic, we will be good to go!
I took out some containers of left over soups from freezer.
Just toasted up some garlic bread to go along for our dinner.
Supper will be same! Soup buffet! Easy!
Never under estimate the value of putting any leftovers in freezer!!

Alice came one day this past week to play GO!
She brought a Valentine treat!

Alice made these chocolate lollies. Some delish cookies! Yummy and so pretty.

All packed in this pretty black toile china jar!
On top of that she stopped at a local do-nut shop on way here bringing some fattening yumminess with her!~
We had not had the chance to stop at the shop yet!
Bacon and donuts..OMG!! Sorry no pics!! Yes most are gone now!
Thanks Ms. Alice!!!! XO

So on Valentines Day our menu changed. We had crab legs instead!
DH stopped on way home from office picked some up and cooked them up!
Love me some seafood of all kinds!
Will have chowda for nephew's birthday meal next month.

My contribution to our simple meal.
Strawberries to dip in chocolate!
All in all we had a grand supper spending our 37th sweet Valentine's Day together.
Where does time go???!!!

Did not get any pics of the shapes Alice and I cut with our GO!.
I am getting bad with the camera!!
Will tote it around not take a single pic! Sad.. so Sad!
We did circles, 4.5 sqs and 2.5 triangles!
Alice may be working on her Irish runner in between watching racing today!
I found my package with my runner parts so I too will be sewing up The Irish today!!

Stay warm, high and dry!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day being treated sweet in some way or treating yourself!

Chowder anyone?? haha!
Put the TB red runner on table for birthday meal Sunday.
Just added the old quilt hearts.

Our center piece! hahaha!
Little Debbie heart cakes!
Roses may have lasted longer!! Hahaha!

Well off to do some chores.
May be Valentine's Day but this gal still has to get stuff done.
Sadly no sitting around eating bonbons all day!
Woe is me!! ;-)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pat's Lapel Stick and Cream Puff Cake!

Pat of A Little of This and a Little of Pat did a review and giveaway of the Lapel Stick.
You can read her review here.
I use glue sometimes when I work on a wool project so tossed my hat in the giveaway!
Well Pat pulled several names an mine was one of them!

Thank you Pat, will look forward to trying it out soon!

Pat also included this cute fabric in the package.
I am thinking may have to make my youngest grand daughter a bag/purse with it.
Autumn loves bright patterned fabrics!

We are suppose to have a snow flurry or two later tonight.
Sure hope they are right and not any big accumulation!
Too be very cold though so whatever falls will freeze.
We are hosting a BD meal Sunday for our youngest son.
Hope weather is not too bad out here in the country.
They have to drive in from Portsmouth over a few bridges.

Son requested fried chicken. So that is the meat of the meal.
Dill Potato Salad, Corn Pudding and Butter Beans.
DH is making Cream Puff Cake.

Here are two recipes I found that are pretty much same as one DH uses.
He does put on homemade choc drizzle.

Just click on one to read.
Cream Puff Cake
Cream Puff Cake Taste of Home.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old Treasure

Posted on my blog Cedar Cottage Farm about our new OLD treasure!
Please pop over to read!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wool Snowman Runner

Okay here they are! On the chest!
Added some wool snowflakes I had from a project.
So sort of like tacking or ties for a quilt.
Did the buttonhole stitch all around the outside edges.
They are cute laying there as long as the cat will leave them alone!

The buttons and eyes are black beads.
Flannel frayed for the scarves.

Niece came over Saturday for a stitching day.
She cross stitched and I worked on this wool runner!
Brought along this new book for me to read!
Yes I still read 'real' books along with the Kindle!
We had a fun day! DH cooked for us.
Kraut with Brats, mashed potatoes with home made rye rolls!
Stayed inside nice warm, cozy and dry.
Was a messy cold day out.

Now on to my next projects!!!
One being getting my studio back in some kind of better working order!!!!
As I was telling pal Alice I think I must just love being 'cozy and cluttered" at heart!
My room can go from nice and neat OPEN to room for only 1 in one projects time!!!!
Oh well I have no one to please but myself after all!
Still no quilt police or sewing room police have knocked on my door with any warrants!

Monday, February 6, 2012

TB Red Back Home Coverlet Block Runner

I finished this one Sunday. It is laying over a heart runner on the chest for pic!
Just having a hard time with getting the color to be true.
New camera was a BD gift and I still have not quite got the hang of it yet!

The fabrics are a older line fat quarter bundle I had picked up a few years ago.
Darker reds not as bright as they appear here!
Vintage Vogue III by Maywood Studio.

Was this bundle. You can sort of see the darkness.

Used a Thimbleberries pattern called Back Home Coverlet.
Just wanted a new red one I could use all seasons.
Did think about appliqueing hearts on it but decided not too.

So now I have 2 finishes!!!
Yes finished a snowman runner too.
Will post that next time!
Off to a third finish...pilla cover to match runner!!!

Feels good to be sewing again!
Now to pace myself and try not to over do!
Just the way I roll though!!!