Monday, February 16, 2009

How to make my Pot Holders

Okay here is how I make my pot holders.

Hope you can understand .
Believe me it is not hard if I can do it.
I like fast and easy as well as the next one!!!
This is also a very forgiving way to do it so don’t worry.

I used a bowl from kitchen to make my circle pattern piece.

My circle is 9 inches.
You can make any size you wish as this is more technique than anything else.

For my pot holder I cut out 4 circles from fabric.
1- for top
1- for top lining
2- for the back sides/pockets.

Next I cut out circles from W&N batting.
1- for top
1- for back sides
Last I cut out 1 circle of the Insul-Bright for top.

All piece are wrong sides together, right sides out.
Layer in this order top fabric , insul-bright, batting, lining fabric.

Always keep the insul-bright next to top so it touches the HOT ITEM first , then batting then your next piece of fabric.
I use cotton batting not poly. Some folks will also use wool .
Also some will sandwich the insul- bright between 2 pieces of cotton batting.
I did not. You can decide that for yourself.
I always use another holder with these is why.
Just my odd way of doing it…;-)

I then press and pin all layers together.
Take to machine and quilt , any way you want .
I did like pie slices.

For back pieces, which are the pockets you put your hand in.
Take the 2 other fabric circles and fold in half, press.

Take the 1 batting circle and cut in half.

Lay each half batting inside the pressed in half fabric circles.

Press, pin, take to machine and stitch down the straight edges.

Now must put in here that if you want to just use bias binding you can stop here.
Lay the pockets right side up on the lining fabric, sew around as below but do not turn.
Just sew your binding on and you are done.
I just happen to think my way makes for a sturdy one is all…;-)

Lay the 2 half back pockets on top circle. Right sides facing.
Meet up the 2 back pieces along the straight side. Pin .
Sew along the edge all around . I use my even feed foot as my guide for seam.

Trim up as close as you can to seam.

Turn the pot holder right sides out.

Push and press out seams gently but really well and press nice and flat.
Meet the 2 back pieces/pockets close together pin in middle and along the edges .

Top stitch along outer edge, beginning at where the back pockets meet, doing back and forth where the 2 back pockets meet, helps make it strong there.
You will be enclosing the inside seam as you sew.

Press again and you are good to go.

My finished pot holder come out to about 8 1/4 inches.


  1. How neat is that! Thanks for the tut on these, what a great way to make a pot holder that is so much more functional!

  2. They are really neat! Thanks for the TUT on how you make them.!

  3. You did good with your tutorial, I understand very well. Thanks for sharing.
    Keep Stitchen'

  4. They look so much better than shop bought ones and they would make a terrific present for my work colleagues for Christmas. Great tutorial, thanks Lola!

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  5. Quite nifty! Great turotial, too! Love it.


  6. What a great tutorial! And to think, I just a few months ago bought a pattern to make's still sitting unopened of course.

  7. This is -sweet-! Thanks for the great tute! I'm going to make one with selvages. Thanks very much!


  8. Thanks for the tutorial. I'll be making some asap!

  9. made some of these for my sister in law for her birthday. She loves them I posted a link to your tutorial. A few people have asked where I found the tutorial. I wanted to make sure you get credit. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks so much for your wonderful tutorial! I used it to make my potholders for a swap I'm in!
    Going to link you up! :)

  11. thank you so much for the tutorial. I am going to make myself a new batch of potholders this weekend! Mine get so ratty looking so fast, now I have no excuse, uh oh.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  12. Here by way of Barb at Quilter's Corner - love your tutorial and can't wait to make my own. Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. Olá...gostei de seu espaço e pap...Parabéns....estou te seguindo...viu...bjs

  14. You pot holders are really neat. I am going to make some.

  15. This is a pretty cool potholder! I might have to try some for gifts.


  16. This is really fantastic! I loved the way you turned the pot holder inside out and made it more stable (and easier to finish!!!!) Thank you for the great gift idea!!!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful potholder! These would make lovely gifts! And I think I will be putting some together just for that purpose!

  18. Thanks for sharing this tutorial, I will have to make some new ones for my kitchen this weekend to go with a new tea cozy. I agree that your finishing method looks a lot sturdier than bias binding and it looks neater.

  19. Excellent tutorial and I love the colors on the pot holders.

  20. Oh, this looks great and easy!

    I've got to give it a try.

    I'm going to link to this on my blog sidebar.

    I hope it brings you new readers. I'm also going to put your blog on my favorites list so that I'll know when you update.

    God bless you!


  21. I've been looking for a cute potholder pattern! Thanks sew much for sharing!

  22. I was looking for a gift to make. Now I have one. Thank you for sharing this neat idea.

  23. What a cool potholder. Excellent Christmas presents. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Thanks for this tutorial- I made some up to match the casserole carriers I made for Christmas presents, and they made a nice addition to the gifts. I posted about it on my blog (linking back to you). Thanks again!


  25. Love your tutorial, easy to understand! I've been looking for patterns for mother's day gifts and this is it! Thank you.
    ~sandy from Hawaii

  26. WOW! I have never hear of pot pinchers. I love it. I joined a quilters online and hear tehm talk about them. This is a wonderful idea. I was searching for ideas for secret pal and xmas ideas and this fits both. I am going to the machine as soon as I get through sending you this. I will post a picture of mine so you can see the inspiration you have given me.
    thanks again. Deborah

  27. thank you so much, your´s was the first site that came up when I goggled free templates for potholders, and I love this idea, I´m going to make a pair to give a good friend for Christmas :) I´ll put a photo on my blog and link back to you if you like.

  28. I loved this pattern. I am making my girls several for Christmas. I love homemade items, because I know when they move out it is the homemade things that will bring back memories of home and they will know it was made with love. This was a favorite and super easy one. Thanks for sharing with us!

  29. May I use your potholder idea please? I would love to make some for our little shore line yard sale in July.

    1. Yes Alice you may but just give credit to my blog! Would love to see yours when done!I could not find a way to email you so hope you see this! Thanks for visiting!

  30. May I use your Potholder idea please? I would like to make one for my Mother in law..

  31. I will post the finished Potholder on my Blog also will send on your email too incase will not work good on my Blog.

    Thank you very much and God bless always.
    More power to you.

  32. Hi, great tutorial. Thank you to share.
    A big hug from Italy, Emanuela

  33. Thank you "sew" much for this great tutorial! I liked where you instructed to put the 1/2 batting inside the fabric and then sew-easy and saved extra steps! This is perfect to make some potholders for a friend celebrating her Bakery Opening!
    ~christine :)

  34. Wow. So easy and quick. Enough time to make several for Christmas. Thank you. Doris

  35. Thank you for this tutorial!!! I HATE trying to sew bias tape and have it look nice--your way looks awesome!!!

  36. Thank you for this tutorial!!! I HATE to try to sew bias tape and have it look nice--your way is awesome!!!

  37. I made these last year for my sister as a Christmas gift... She just told me how much she uses them and LOVES them... the shape and size are perfect! So I'm going to make her more this year! Thank you ...

  38. These are amazing, Can't wait to make some for me! Thanks.

  39. Hi Lola - I made dozens of these last Christmas for gifts and everyone loved them. Making more this year for other's who haven't received them yet. I love the instructions and the final product. Thanks so much.

  40. kind of you. ive made the oblong ones. kind because patterns cost 8-9$ .......thanks for saving people $

  41. Is there a way to print this out? Thank you!

  42. I would like permission to use your round potholder pattern

  43. I have a bunch of food/kitchen themed flannel. Can these be made with flannel. I would think any cotton would be okay, but I'm pretty new to sewing.

  44. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to get a copy or print the pattern for these potholders. I would like to make them with dog and horse material. Thanks Barb

  45. So easy!! Used your tutorial for a potholder swap. Hoping my partner likes them as much as I do. Will have to create more..

  46. Great tutorial. as an addition, I also put a strip folded and then turned inside out to use as a hook to put on cupboard doors. Apiece of fabric about 6 inches long by 1, sew a tube on long side and turn. attach it to the top side before turning. It will catch in the seam when turned.

  47. Quite nifty! Great turotial, too! Love it.

  48. I've been making potholders using this tutorial for ten years. Still my go-to pattern.


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