Friday, June 27, 2008


Check out the new Christmas Collections at The Fat Quarter Shop !!!!

Dear Santa,
So many groups I ADORE!!!!!!!!
Course Thimleberries is top of list!!


One yard each please!
Promise I been a REAL good gal!! ;-)
P.S. Some of those patterns or kits( like one below) in my sock would work too!!,881

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tops NEED Quilting!

Have some tops to be quilted.

Now to find a long armer in my area reasonable enough to have them done.
Don't need any fancy quilting just some straight forward all over simple design.

The snowball one was done with some swap blocks from a few years ago.
All in blues, have the backing fabric also , will do my own binding.
Is a large lap quilt size.

The diamond in the square is one I did with some of my old scraps.
It is large twin size. Could add another border to be more full size.
Need to find a backing fabric or make my own.
May have enough of some of these fabs left to piece one up.
Will use the thin cotton Warm & Nat batting.

Also have a Christmas top too... will post about that one later.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Darlin Lil Bag ....Done!

I am LOV'IN IT!! ;-)

It is so sweet. Really not that small but is smaller then one I normally tote!
Ha..yes I 'tote' a Tote!
Trying to cut back on the heavy shoulder bags though.

Was a tad difficult to sew top shut on machine with those bamboo handles.
Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated.
Last one I did I sewed it up by hand so wanted to try machine.

I had to make some accessories to go with it.
A wallet and change purse.
The lining is nice and stiff, Pellon Peltex 70, so will hold a lot and not lose shape as will quilt batting.
Used a pattern I bought at Quilt Show in Feb.
"The Two-Hour Tulip Purse" by Janice D. Pope of Anything But Boring

I did my handles different, bamboo . I have also cut down the pattern to do a lil gal purse for my grand niece Erica's BD. . Look at past posts.

Found this blog online that did them more 'true' to the same pattern!

Love the fabric as I love watermelon and strawberries.
Was thinking I may need a head scarf or scrunchie(until I get my hair cut) from this fabby too.
Sadie Pup needs one too...;-)

We had a good supper yesterday too.
Fish, chips (aka taters), brussel sprouts, cuke, spring onions, sweet ice tea.

The dessert well was yummy but did NOT come out as pretty as the pic in the mag!
So no pics of mine here is mag pic. Ha!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well here we are taking it some what easy today.
I say I am takin the day 'off' I don't make up beds today but all else I do every day I do. Ha!!!
Making up a new frozen dessert have never done, called Sensational Strawberry Dessert.
Saw it in the free Kraft Food &Family Magazine, 2008 Summer Issue.
Go to and sign up.
We still have fresh strawberries available here in our area though they are slowing down some what.
Will share recipe with you if it turns out okay and a pic tomorrow. Has to freeze up to 6 hrs.

Have my machine set up to finally finish the water melon summer bag for myself.
Did manage to get a set of bamboo handles to work on it.
I also have some Moda Charm packs I plan to sew up to make some 'yardage'.
These will be bigger totes . I am sure I have some fabric somewhere in this stash of mine that will work for lining.
Not sure on handles yet, will decide that as I get them made up.

I am using Flutterby, Hemming House, and Prairie Paisley by Moda that I purchased at quilt show this past Feb.
You can check here for great charm packs along with other neat fabric packages.

The Fat Quarter Shop

I may have to order the Thimbleberries Lodge Charm Pack to make me up some quilted runners for my sofa chest and wash stand in living room!!
Loves these fabbies for my home decor.
They also have a great selection of charm pack patterns if you need help in figuring out what to do with them.

Free patterns too:

Shoot get me in a web site like this one or, quilt show vender area, or quilt shop I am like a kid in a candy store or DH at Bass Pro Shops!!! Ha!!
Hope you all have a nice day 'off' as well and enjoy the day doing what ever makes you feel good!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Off to town today...

Will go to library . They are holding a book for me.
Had to look for 'my list' from other branches.
Called me yesterday last one was in. A Covington Christmas.
I have so enjoyed these books written by Joan Medlicott so much.
Do checkout her site.
DH's cousin came up from NC with first 4 of the series for me to read.
I was thinking now I don't know about this, these gals are older then me in this book. Haa!
Hey I really enjoyed them and had to find the rest in the series!!
Now will have to wait on the next one, Promises of Change, coming out in Dec!
Will keep Amazon busy shipping books!!

After I pick up my book will have to go on to do my shopping chores at several stores.
If nothing else the high price of gas will benefit local shops as we will shop more local then before.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

UFOs or WIPs

I have some UFOs that need my attention today.
UFOs ??? you ask..well that means Unfinished Objects...;-) I like to call them Works In Progress...sounds a lot better. Ha!!
These are 2 here ..."the summer bags".
I was looking for smaller bamboo handles for them but not to be found in my area.
So will go on with my 'idea' for cute ones instead.
Will post when finished.

I am also working on Cedar Cottage Shoppe pics too.
Shooting(all pun intended) for a July Grand Opening...cross your fingers!
We know how 'plans' can go!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sewing for Cross Stitchers

There are so many ways a Xstitcher can display their work .
Some matt and frame them to hang as art work.
Other ways are to sew up fabric 'frames' called tuck hangings .
I made these for my niece who is a very talented Xstitcher.
They are in Americana fabrics for her July things.
These are for smaller pieces.
Can do a lot of different sizes even ornie size ones for hanging on a tree.
The pilla is a small tuck also.
I have loads of ideas now for doing up more tucks!
I will be selling some of these too I am sure!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Lake House

Finally got to see this movie Sunday evening.
A real chic flick as DH sees it!;-)
I love to read and to me this was just a wonderful novel with pictures!!!
As it goes along you will begin to say..hey just look the guy up NOW... but in the end it will all make sense!!!
Just like a good book!!!!

Click on the title to go to the movie site.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ice Box Pies

This is what all the ladies in my family called them.
The ones you use pudding to make.
They did the choc and vanilla ones that had to be cooked on stove.
All kinds of recipes for them online or just look on the box and cool whip containers..
One I did was very simple.
Used the sugar free instant Banana Cream Pudding, 2.5 cups fat free milk and a cup of heavy whipping cream. Thicker but sets up well for slicing.
Yes even with the whipping cream it is still figure friendly ...unless you plan to sit down an eat the whole pie alone at one setting!
Baked off a reg frozen pie crust( not deep dish) cooled ....then filled it up with my filling.
Layered the pudding with thin sliced bananas in the crust. Would normally sprinkle some toasted pecans on top but I was out of those!;-(
Serve with Lite Cool Whip and some choc syrup.
Any flavor pudding could be used.
I also add cream cheese to the pudding some times.
The Cheesecake flavor one is good too and use with strawberries served on top.
You could bypass the crust all together and make parfaits in pretty glasses, layer fruit, pudding, cookies and cool whip.

When you NEED something in a hurry these will do, not the same as the old fashioned made from scratch ones for sure with all the egg whites browned on top like Granny's Sunday hat, but a few less calories maybe.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sewing ....

Yes I am sewing !!!!
Here are 38 coaster sqs I have finished appliquéing on machine.
Now to add borders , then batting and backs, trim , turn, press and top stitch!
Not just the same as the ones in the header photo. Different trim fabric.
Maybe more 'Julyish', with the stars...;-)
Will be selling some of these in sets of 4.
Get 'em while they are 'hot'.. ha!!!

Just enough to mash...

Yes that is right. DH turned up just enough Yukon Gold taters from the garden to mash for his Father's Day dinner Sunday.
Rest will wait a tad longer to be dug and hopefully increase in size.
So far our lil garden that could has produced salad greens, butter crunch lettuce,broccoli and cabbage.
Mind ya not in 'put up' quantities but enough to get a good fill of.
Now we wait for the cukes, tomatoes, melons and peppers.

Our nephew has put in a garden almost as large as we used to. Was so pretty last time we were over there.
He brought us some fresh snaps/green beans yummy!!
He canned 21 qts already. Think he picked close to a bushel!
To think he did not like work'in in the garden when he was a kid! Ha!!

Home grown produce...nothing like it!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Heat Wave and a Quilt.

Yes quilts can come in handy when a heat wave hits.
Shak'in your head right?? ha!!
Well they help when the AC is running and it can become a tad cool even with it set between 72/75.
The light weight ones can be pulled up on sofa, recliner or in middle of night.

This post however is about one I have hung over the back windows to

help keep the heat out of the dinning room.
We have had record breaking heat the past week and now.

One day I felt the heat as I passed by our back double windows!
Yes they are the double paned ones but older.
Sun will cook back of house for most of the day after 11 AM or so.
Anyway I had this one out folded on chair since Christmas... yes still have a multi holiday look going on! Ha!
Still have to put binding on it though. Any way grabbed it and put over the sheers with clothes pins!
Stepped back and WOW! LOVE IT!

DH was sitting at table eating an said "That looks cool like a stained glass window!"
So guess what name of the quilt is now... Stained Glass Window of course! ;-)
So know that you never have to put your quilts away as

they can come in handy in more ways then you think about them.

Ideas for quilts new and old, (use the older worn ones and save a piece or two of history):

As table cloths, pillows or shams, sofa or chair covers, table runners and place mats, chair pads or stool covers, totes, diaper bags, back packs, cold pack bags for shopping, cut a larger one down as baby one or nap one, window shades, valances, cover a door or window you don't want to see or use, can use a top finished off without batting for a shower curtain or light window curtain.

I use cut pieces from old tattered one as table toppers and on shelves, cut out hearts and star shapes to, can hand blanket stitch edges or not. Use a nice square for top of apron or even frame them as well art.

Christmas decor use as a tree skirt, make stockings , mantle cloth, wreaths, lil pieces hung on tree, even wrap a gift in a piece or make a wine bag.

Covers for sewing machines, tea pot cozies, appliances.

Heaven the list is as long as your imagination.
The look from Cottage to Primitive just depends on your choice of quilt fabrics.


Here are some links with more ideas and some instructions:

Fun idea books to look for:

Decorating with quilts sites: pics here!

Back again......

Been a while! Had to take the time off.
DH's surgery went well but recovery is long!!
He is doing better then other folks at this stage according to the PT folks so he is a pusher!!
Now for me well I put out my worse knee for him!! Ha!!
Doc shot me up some meds and had to take easy for a while.
Was doing good till yesterday and I over did but still better then when I could not stand on it without pain!
So us OLD FOLKS AT HOME...are coming along!! Ha!!
Hope I still have my readers!!!!