Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Magazine and new author to check out...

I was loaned some Cooking with Paula Deen magazines to look through.
Wow Paula has gotten more and more glamours lookin ! Haa!
I do enjoy her mag a lot.
Some of the recipes I know I will try at some point, others well maybe not.;-)
This mag not only has recipes in it also many neat articles to read and photos to see.
Check it out ! A year subscription would make a nice Christmas Gift.

Well in the July/August 2008 copy I came across an article about author Gail Fraser.
She writes a series of books called the Lumby book series.
Oh my the art work on them, which is done by her husband, Art Poulin, caught my eye!!
Then as I read about her books I have become intrigued by them. Lumby is a small town.
So looked them up online. Check her and the books out here.

I plan to go to my local library site next to see if they have a copy of Lumby Lines the first one.

Here available from Barnes and Nobles Online.

Monday, September 29, 2008


My niece D was over Sunday and we came across some cheese cloth.
I was telling her about these ghosts I had made from it before.
Here are a couple pics.
Easy to do. Using the fabric stiffener.
You wet the cheese cloth then drape it as you want it over a balloon stuck onto a bottle or boss size soda.
Has to dry a while. Add the eye holes then made from black felt.
Then you can move them as you want.
Now I know I saved the ones I made that year but they seem to have VANISHED!!!
So be sure to enjoy them while they are around as they just may disappear as ghosts are known to do!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have been Tagged…

I was tagged by my friend Shirl to post 7 Facts about me. I enjoyed reading hers, and hope to read more fascinating tidbits as I pass the Tag along!

7 Facts About Me

1. I was the only girl and 4th, last child born to my parents, so Baby Girl applies.

2. I was on the tennis team in high school.

3. I LOVE Big Macs!

4. I like to lay in bed and read a good mystery.

5. My dream trip is too Scotland, Ireland, England and Germany.

6. I am a Nat King Cole fan.

7. I love going to the beach in Rodanthe , NC in our motor home, stitching on the beach.

Now, I get to tag a few to play along! I tag...

Can't wait to see what interesting facts I can learn about you all!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Decor

Well I have done a little bit of d├ęcor for the Fall months.
Will add the pumpkins and such as soon as I get to the farmer to get some.
This is the mantel area.
Loaded it up ! One of the garlands came with a light string on it.
Does look warm and wonderful in the evening.

I have some more things around .
Here is a wool penny rug I have on the hearth .
Was inspired by a Pat Sloan design.

Also a simple stitchery I did a while back from one of Jan Coffey’s painting designs called Autumn Nights

Thursday, September 25, 2008

peek a boo

Here is a lil peep at part of my Stitching Angel Swap as promised.
Is that fabby not BEAUT-A-MUS??
I am working on my gifties for my Aussie Angel.
Will show more later!

No show posts.!!UH OH!
Seems I did not get the hang of ‘storing’ posts for auto posting on blog!
I am a DUH!
So working on that with a tutor!!

Weather here on East Coast is nasty today.
Wind and rain.
We need the rain mind you just hate it coming in Nor’easter form!
Love the cooler weather though.
Makes it more like Fall for sure.
I have a pot of my Mama’s Beef Soup on.
Simple and good, comfort for body and soul!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fall Sewing

Here a few Fall things I have made for our home .
These are not new items nor new pics.
Some from 2006/07.
So this is not how I will use them this year.
I am just pulling out my Fall things to see what all I have and what I may want to add to it this year.
I am sure I will do up some new wreaths and porch items.

I do plan to use this wall hanger on the front door this year. I have another one from designer Pat Sloan's book , Quilt the Seasons, I have used there before but will be used in a different spot this year...;-)

This one called Sunflowers. Still need to finish up some quilting on it.

I think I may use this one on the sofa chest this year.
I do love to machine applique.
I also love to do wool applique so will show a fav work on that later!

Back to work'in on a project to get done tonight!!!!!!!