Saturday, January 17, 2009

Feedsack Bunnies

I ordered this really sweet pattern, Feedsack Bunnies, from

Karen at SewPrimitive Quilter. Is it not the sweetest looking lil quilt?????
Well her pattern line is Folk Art Children. Neat things that have that old fashioned feel.

I plan to use a combo of wool and vintage feed sacks( from Aunt Dot) for my bunnies.
I found this pale pinkish wool in my wool basket.
Will see how it works up I may do some with cream wool too.
Yes another project.!!!!!! Spring one!
Hey what can I say…keeps me out of trouble and busy.
Ya know what they say about idle hands ……………..;-)

Now of course this depends on if my hands make it through this horrid FREEZ'IN cold we have here in COASTAL SOUTHERN VIRGINIA !!! not right just not right...mumblemumble......


  1. That bunny piece will be SOOOO cute!!! Good idea to combine the wool and the feedsacks. Please post photos as you progress with this. The cold is ridiculous this winter and I hope it stops SOON.

  2. I love feed sacks, and these bunnies are way too cute. Can't wait to see your finished quilt! Have fun,and stay warm!!

  3. The Feed Sack Bunnies are adorable!
    What about this weather???
    I am hoping we'll get some snow...if it's going to be this cold I want some pretty snow. I stocked up the other day with makings for veg. beef soup and navy bean soup.
    The dogs and kitties are staying inside. Even Mr. Outside Kitty who fights to get outside.


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