Friday, July 17, 2015

Get what ya pay for...buyer beware....

Both may be apt for this post.
Was shopping one day at a chain fabric store and saw some items on sale for a REALLY great price.
I had used some of this brand flannel yardage and fats qts for several baby projects before and needed to whip up some more projects for another baby on the way.
So scooped up the fat qtrs for 97 cents each , charm packs for 1.97 each and jelly roll for 3.00.
Figured I had a grand deal!!!
Well how in the world the charms were cut is beyond me!!! Some had bias on ALL SIDES. All wonky cut  and a hot mess.
So I took them and re-cut down to a workable size.Took some time as I needed quite a few for the baby patch receiving blanket!
So was not surprised when I unrolled the jelly roll and the strips were wobbly wonky messes as well.
More trimming. So took extra time and loss of fabric but did make it work!
Have to say the fat quarters were fine. So if you happen upon these deals you will be warned...;-)
 I have been busy sewing.  A bundle almost ready to mail.  Burp cloths, bibs and blankets.
The patch blanket.
 Changing pad or really a small quilt!
Even dozen bibs! All so cute!
So one package off to Texas for a soon to be born little fella and a couple more to follow.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Spy a One Year Old!
 Finished this sweet nap and play I Spy quilt for Olivia.  Today she is a year old! Goodness has the time flown by!
 Fun fabrics used. Zoology was name of the line mixed in with some other fun prints. So bright and cheerful!
 I normally quilt the label in but forgot so it is sewn on by hand.
 Love these chevron stripe fabrics for fun quilt borders.
Very soft flannel backing and used a chevron quilting theme as well. it is a light weight quilt. Used one layer of Fusi Boo batting. Love that batting. Steam press on and good to quilt no pinning!

Also made up a couple sundress outfits. Been a while since I have sewn clothing for little ones so hope they fit. Will share pics of those later.
Here is our cutie pie birthday girl with her proud Daddy! Her party will be tomorrow. Oh yes walking now too!! We are so blessed to have this sweet baby girl in our lives! She is our Sunshine!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Want to wish all my lovely Canadian friends a Happy Canada Day!
I love Canada and have enjoyed our many visits to the Canadian Maritimes!!!