Friday, August 30, 2013

Fun Box

 This heavy and full box was sitting by my door Monday! Great Give Away win!!!
Contents exploding when opened! Haha!! Gotta love scraps from someone else especially when they are from Deb Strain!! These are from her new line , Family Tree Group by Moda. Will be in shops in October. It is a sweet design. Thinking first project will be a string quilt! Saving the bigger scraps for a little someone special I am hoping and praying for!

So waste not want not makes for a grand way to do things in the fabric department! Someone may just be happy to take those scraps off your hands!
Thanks Deb!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sunday Fun

D and P came over Sunday morning for breakfast.  DH cooked and all was yummy.
D stayed to visit in the sewing room and to begin finishing work on some of her cross stitch projects.
I must confess some have been here waiting on me to get to them! Bad Auntie!
Small ones just need to be stuffed and closed up. Maybe add some bling. Salem Inn has a bit more sewing to add.  Just love it... may have to hid it...;-)
Noel will be a pilla and be finished after a bit of quilting and a back added.
 More yet to do but really will not take too long. Ornies and bowl fillers or pin keeps.
Noel Tree will be a pilla. Can't see good but this linen has sparkle!
Most  of her projects are all done on linen.
Sometimes it is so nice to sew on a project that is finished in short order!
Plus spending time with favorite folks as a bonus!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cool Saturday

Oh my these nice cool temps can almost fool ya into thinking Fall is here!
Had storms last evening that brought in the cool front. So all things outside are wet and soggy.
DH really needs to cut grass so hope dries off enough to do some later today and tomorrow.

Been as busy here as I can be on the 'do not do much' dr orders.
I sit on my donut to sew and then do not stand too long or sit too long.
No lifting more then a few pounds.
After the pain from lifting laundry basket I am rather careful!
Begin PT Monday 3x a week. On pain meds still but take less.
Hope the PT works if not next step epidural.

Made up these feed sack blocks, on Quilting.
 Had a gift in mind for someone. Had to go ahead and send other things. I was behind in the sewing.

 Will finish up and use it here. Not sure how I will proceed. Was intended for a lap quilt.
I have pressed and trimmed up all the blocks. Need to decide on lay out.

 These were bonus pieces left over.

Plan to sew  up into these pin wheels. Want to use in a border at top and bottom of quilt.
The rest of the feed sack and 30's prints I have will go into a simple patchwork block quilt.
I won most of these fabrics in a long ago give away.
Ready to do some none bias sewing again! Whew!!

I finished up all the Pennsylvania Square blocks I had planned to do. Doing a trim on them now.
There is a Sew Along  hosted by Terry on her blog.

Not sure how much more sewing will get done around here for next few weeks with the PT 3 days a week! Sure will be wore out for a few.
Do hope after the first couple appts my body will be used to it and so maybe not so tired.

Okay off to sew those bitty pinwheels up!
For the folks in VA and NC enjoy this beautiful weekend!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Just a wee but of sewing...

 Made this quilted bag, snap pouch and key fob  These are for our grand niece who is off to college next week.
 We bought her this cooler and filling it with goodies.
 More to add to it.
Hollyanne loves her zebra strips!

I have been put on low duty so to speak. No lifting and pain meds.
Thought I had hurt my hip but x-rays show pain may be coming from a herinated disk.
My date Saturday night is with a MRI machine! Yes have an 8:15 pm appt!

Not sure when we will know 'what and how' we will proceed.
Always something around here it seems.

We have figs getting ripe. Was hoping to make a  batch of preseves but will just see how it goes.
More rain expected Saturday and Sunday.

Sending our thoughts to those in Arkansas and Tennessee dealing with flooding!
Been quite the bad weather year!!

Take care everyone!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Progress and Mangled Mail

 I now have a pile of Pennsylvania Blocks! Course have some more to go though.
These are the blocks that Terry of Terry's Treasures is using for a Sew Along.
Mine are  destined for a full size quilt for one of our antique beds.
Have a few  days with some frog'n! One stitch in two stitches out it felt like!;-)

 Here is what they look like so far. The two missing had to be redone ...yes the frog'n issue.
Can you see my helper there??? Yes that is Wiggles! Growing like a catnip weed she is!
She has two speeds..0 and 90! She is either asleep or wide open!! Cocoa is beginning to tolerate her but that is all. So far no cuddling going on just grumbling!;-)

 Now to the mangled part! One of my mags came in this envelope from the Post Office.
 Had this little note on the back. So basically they are really NOT sorry enough to pay for a new mag but please for give them as they have so much mail to take care of! WHATEVER!

On a good note cooked the last of the fresh snaps yesterday with potatoes! Yumm! I can just eat these alone do not need meat ! DH being a meat and potatoes guy  sees it differently!
So he had some sausages. ;-) Yes an fresh sliced tomatoes. All from our local Farmer's Market in Smithfield. We will head over again tomorrow AM. See what they have available.

Got a storm last night. Gave us some much needed rain. Also knocked power out a couple times, just enough to mess up things, not hours. We are to be cooler  but so far seems same to me.
Have a load of washing to hang out so hope we get a bit of breeze kick up soon.
After a wee bit of house cleaning chores hope to hit the sewing again.

I am fighting the urge to Fall up my house! Pull out the decor and have at it!
Have Blue Bird yet to quilt. So think I will put her on the machine as soon as I sew up the last few PA Blocks!

Do hope more of my regulars readers will check out the Shabby Apple Giveaway in last post!
I will close it out Sunday, 8-4-2013 at noon.
Have a wonderful weekend folks!!