Saturday, March 12, 2016

Big Four Patch Blocks
I used a French General layer cake for this project. Forget which line.
Sewed up four squares into a big four patch. trying to keep a light dark opposite design in play.
Then measuring out three inches from center seam I made my four whacks!
Mixed up all the pieces so blocks are not the same.
Still trying to keep the darks and lights in different areas.
Finished block. I trimmed mine up to 17.5 inches.
I seem yo have issues sewing up the precuts perfectly! That wee zig zag edge gets me every time!
Still a very good size when laid all out.
My plan to add a 6 inch border in a pretty matching fabric with the dark red for binding.
Toile as backing if I have enough in my stash.

I just did these as I felt like sewing but I think this could be a one day top.
Would like to think this is my own idea but I am sure there is some one out there that has done it already.
Was thinking the same could be done with a 9 patch setting and cutting out your own 10 inch squares!
I have a lot of stash to use up and like the fast and easy at this point!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Buggy Babies Quilt
I have managed to get a baby gift finished and delivered to Maryland!
Call it Buggy Babies. I was inspired by a Patrick Lose pattern of a very large baby in a buggy on a quilt.
Decided I would draw my own applique for small buggies and do the babies a bit different.
I am happy with how they came out so cute!
Rest of gift was these bibs and burp cloths. All for a sweet baby boy born last month!
Here is the lil one peeping over his buggy side.;-)

My blog has not been abandoned. I just had a heck of a time last year and through January this year!
Had to go off some meds I had been on for close to 10 years. Made life really suck. Plus right before Christmas in middle of my preps I could not walk well at all!
So any way been a tad difficult but think things are coming around.
On new meds and PT has helped a lot!
 I did look at a few blogs on my phone and Facebook while I was in slug mode.
So many wonderful projects happening!

Do need to get my sewing room and house back in shape! Some things just went to way side.
So much I want to do!
We have Easter on the way!

We are having an amazing week here weather wise!
Sunshine and high 70's! have Spring flowers blooming!
So nice for a change from cold gray dampness!!

My DH is having surgery Friday on his eye lids so pretty sure I will be a busy girl assisting him!
He deserves it as he is wonderful to take care of me through all my health ups and downs!
I tease him about getting a younger gal has not panned out for him to well! ;-)

Will share more later as I did mange to play with some fabrics!