Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunday Fun

These are all stitched by Diana, my niece. She is one awesome cross stitcher!
We spent Sunday finishing them, as in stuffing and closing seam.Added some tea dyed lace and old buttons to some.They are all done on linen but the Autumn. I tea/coffee dyed that aida for that one.
We had a fun day stitch'n and chat'n!
DH cooked for us so we ate good too!;-)

I woke up yesterday with a bit of scratchy throat.  Today is same, no worse, so do hope it stays at this level and just goes away.
I also had a mishap with my iron! Some how managed to burn 2 finger tips while ironing yesterday! Not super bad  but enough to blister and get in the way! Just shaking my head on that one!
Today is PT day. Do not want to have to  miss nay since we cut back to 2 days a week. I just could not handle the 3 days.

We were 42 F out here in the country this AM!!!
Cool nights and warm days...Fall maybe??????

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Washing Day

These are washing machine that were on display at the county fair.
Oh how excited the gals who were lucky enough to receive these machine must have been!
No more scrub boards or wringing out by hand!

Cleaner clothes and less time spent would have been a wonderful pay off. Besides saving their over worked hands!

My Mama had a Maytag wringer washer but not this older model was a newer 1950's model!

Even older wooden model. Goodness this looks more like a torture chamber of some kind!
Amazing how some of these earlier items even made it through all these years intact. They were all well used.

I am so grateful to be living today when things are not nearly as hard on us gals!
As much as I love my antiques and vintage items to decorate with I would not want to have to use them!
I really do not have a romantic idea of the past. I know the reality especially for women.

We may still have our struggles but we are blessed to be where we are and have what we have. I feel this way a lot when I realize the struggles of my ancestors to just live another day.
Blessed beyond measure!

Now I will try to keep feeling blessed and humble as I tackle the laundry pile of the week!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

County Fair Quilts

They really do not  display the quilted items that well at our small local county fair!
Did not want to pick them up and handle them to get pics either.
Just wish they could have at least had all the ribbon winners hung up! Pineapple block quilt was my fav!
Not too many entries. Some well they do get an A for effort!
Some pretty Fall items.
The panel on the end was really worked up nicely.
Sweet prairie points.
Some I thought should have ribbons did not and some did that other wise should not have!
Purple and yellow baby quilt.
Machine embroidery done and was very pretty.
Sweet beach themed applique!
Very nice machine quilting on this one and good job on the piecing.

We never even found the tent with needlepoint or cross stitch!
We did the Friday afternoon Senior entry for a buck.
Had a funnel cake and some water.
Looked at some other things then headed home.
Walking was not working out there for me too well.
Was not too hot and  had sunshine with a bit of breeze.

Today was catch up on wash day. No sewing got done.
Tomorrow is PT. We decided to cut back to 2 days a week.
Maybe I can get my Fall decor up!
DH bought my tubs in for me.

Have been seeing fresh pumpkins at stores and markets.
Not sure when we will get some.

Well best check wash on the line see if dry.
We are to maybe get some rain this afternoon!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


 Best pic I could get this AM. All done but the binding!!! Yee Haw!! Blue Bird was a class Alice and I took with Pat Sloan last year. Pat is a fun lady! My quilt is a bit different in finished size. Had to make it work on my small wall space.
 Don't ya love a finish! Makes me want to finish some thing else! Want to get this quilt up as part of my Fall decor in dining room! Later it will go over our bed to live for a while.

 Now to decide on binding. Not sure if I have enough of that inner border left to use. If I do that is my first choice. If not Will see if I have something in the dark red.
Took this so maybe you could see the colors looking more 'real'.  I surprised myself using the off green polka dots! Love it in there though!
So yes what project is waiting on me now....hummmmmm.;-)

Let us have a moment to remember the souls lost on this day!
Never forget!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hey Hey Lil Blue Bird

While DH was making and baking this delish Italian bread I was working on Blue Bird!
 Center is all appliqued and quilted. All on machine.
Did simple quilting in the leaves and center medallion. I applique quilt as I call it. Doing through all layers. Just love the way it pops the appliques.
No pic now but I straight line quilted the outside wide border. Now I am appliqing the vines and stars on.
Sounds backwards I know but works best for the way I am doing it. I hope to have ready for binding tomorrow. Will post a pic!

Off to PT yet again today! Not sure how long will continue. Not seeing where it is doing too much now. As long as I take pain meds I can manage. If not LOOK OUT. Yes tried one day! I have cut back on them though. Thinking epidural best. Stop taking these pain meds.

Got bill 'after' insurance for the MRI!!! GEEZE!
I did a search online for costs of MRIs. Found a clinic that just does those and for what I have left to pay hospital would have been all it cost there! So why can one place charge so much less and another so much more!!!! My meds keep going up instead of down!! Got to wonder when these kinds of issues will be addressed. Will check on prices for epidurals at pain management clinics before just going where doc sends!

OK off soap box and off to see Stretch aka PT gal!;-)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

1960 Singer 348

This is my 1960 Singer 348.
Would love to have a manual for it. Anyone have an original or know where I could get one???!
Thanks so much!

Edit to add:
Thanks to Susan of Hanging on by a Needle and Thread , I now have a PDF of the manual!
She sent me to this Singer page. Thanks again Susan!

email issues

If you do not receive a reply to your comment/post.. I am sorry.
Seems Yahoo and Blogger do not want to play well together today!
I have never had such a problem ever on my Yahoo mail.
Been a few minor things but nothing this aggravating!

Have day off from PT so loads, all pun intended, to catch up with here at home!
 Laundry loads which will go in dryer! No lifting of baskets to tote out to line for drying!
That will happen only when DH is here to help!

Hope I can get caught up enough with chores to do a bit of sewing later, if not will do most this weekend.
Have a chicken to pop in oven to roast. So will pop in a few veggies an call supper DONE!

So best get to it.
Wishing all a grand day or evening as the case may be, with no email or any other kind of issues!!!

Oh by the by here is a link to the MARTINGALE STITCH THIS BLOG for a post with some Fall/Halloween freebies!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Okay no more white ....

...shoes after Labor Day! Hahaha!
I recall switching from white patent leather Sunday shoes to black ones for Sunday School as a child!
Glad all that is no longer the norm!! But then again looking at how some dress when out and about maybe we need a bit of that thought process back!

We have some visitors of late, ground hogs! Here is one eating pears off the tree. He and some relatives seem to be readying the area under the old shed for Winter sleeping! DH has set some traps but so far no hogs. They must not care for watermelon! These so called cute critters can do loads of damage to buildings and the foundations, also love to eat from your gardens and flowers beds. Here they are enjoying the farmers beans along with a huge herd of deer!

We are to be cooler today but still have had the heat and humidity hanging around!
Be so nice to have days that are  Fall like and enjoy windows open again.
School buses ran yesterday! all the cute lil ones waiting with back packs were so cute!
Long day for them though. Tough till they get used to it.

Been in PT and yes it is working on me. Wears me out. So I do not get much done that I plan on!
Having a back to back because of the Monday holiday.
Lord only knows how I will crawl outta bed in the morning!
My one day off this week is Thursday so must do some home chores!
 Hope to sew on the weekend!
Need to get some stuff done but also begin my gifts.
Most are simply enough but just a matter of getting the time for cutting out and sewing up done!

Well better get ready to hit the road.
Wishing you all a productive day!!!!