Sunday, July 1, 2018

Thrifty Shopping

I had an appointment recently that was near a Goodwill Thrift Store.
So that meant I HAD to go have a look around!
Not to many treasures jumped in my cart but a few great buys did!!
Cute rabbit print is brand spanking new crisp condition. Never washed or used!
Not Easter-ish at all really more like a Spring design.
It is 3 yards of 60 inch wide VIP Cranston Print.
Enough for a backing of a little gal lap quilt I have in the works!
I had forgotten that a lot of the cotton fabrics used to come that wide!

The blue is 3yrds of a nice weight chambray .
New fabric never used.
Great for wardrobe sewing or can use on bags.

The red print is 1 3/4 yards of 60 inch wide new fabric.
It too can be a clothing sew or make up a cute bag !

So pleased with my haul and the prices!!
Not very often you can purchase new usable fabrics at a dollar + and below a yard!!
Sometimes I find good deals like these and other times not so much.

Not a lot of sewing happened this past week.
DH and I had appointments that kept us hopping.
I also spent time doing some deep cleaning. Behind on that a bit.
This house is a dust making machine!!!
Still have more to do but just do it a bit at a time.
Just not my favorite thing to be doing with my feel good days! ;-)

We are still so hot here and humid.
Best place to be is in house with AC blowing good and cold!!

Monday we have a special birthday girl to celebrate turning 4. FUN!!
No plans to go anywhere for July 4th this year so sewing days ahead!!


  1. great finds! Can't wait till I get the all clear to go back to really sewing instead of just a couple of seams here and there

  2. Cute bunnies!!! I know you are loving that red! I hit Goodwill on the way to BJ's. No fabric, but brought home a couple of work shirts.

  3. I never find fabric at the goodwill. I think our stores send some things to their website. Our granddaughter turns two on Monday :-)

  4. What great finds Lola and hope you get to sew soon.

  5. I don't have good luck with our local Goodwill in finding fabric. I don't think I have ever found any.

  6. You found some nice items on your shopping day. We are camping this week and I am still working except on the 4th. I brought my featherweight so I hope to squeeze in some stitching in the evenings and on the 4th.

  7. Great finds! Yes, it is amazing how quickly the dust accumulates.

  8. Awesome finds! Next time I come you have to take me thrift shopping with you :) xx

  9. Been missing you girl! Hope everything is all right.


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