Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Blog & Sewing with my GO!!


With my sharing of this horrid episode here in our world was not for adulation or for money.

Just in the hope that it will help another poor sweet soul somewhere… somehow.

Thank you all so much for thinking I am some kind of angel.

I am not. I have my moments just like the rest of you I am sure.

I also do not like to look at those sad and horrible pics on the help animals ads on TV or emails anymore than the next person.

Breaks my heart so bad I am no good for rest of day.

Same with the sweet innocent faces of starving and sick babes, children and others of this world.

We do donate to help others in many ways and to charity organizations.

We had to pay out of pocket 200 dollars for LizaJane’s care.

Vets, were 2, did not charge any office or such fees.

This was just for the blood work and the cremation fee only.

As with human medical cares, costs are high.

It was OUR CHOICE to go this route instead of calling County Animal Control.

We are not rich or even well off, just working class folks.

We are blessed to have a roof over our heads, food for our nourishment and clothes on our backs.

Can also enjoy a few extras.

When the ugly knocked on our door and hearts we had to answer the call.

I was not in this alone my sweet tenderhearted DH is my partner.

This was one of those “What would Jesus do?” moments or any decent human being for that matter!

You do not have to be a religious person to know right from wrong or be compassionate.

Selfishly we so wanted LizaJane to be our next miracle pup!

Pictured her healthy and loving, running around the house.

Broke my heart to lose that dream just as much as to see her poor starved 30 pound body go peacefully to sleep.

Thanks to my regular readers and followers for hanging in with me!

I am so looking for some sunshine in our life again!!

Now I promise to get back to my sewing and such!

Creating with fabric and thread feeds my soul , helps heal my heart an also keeps me sane!!

Here is one of my newest projects.

My Fall Blooms Runner!

Using my GO! Cutter with the GO! 2 inch strip die and the GO! Rose of Sharon die.

I used sixteen 2” X 10”strips of alternating fabrics, sewing them all together with a ¼ seam.

Pressed all the seams open. This helps when you have so many seams close and plan to quilt each one.

I sandwiched the top, batting and backing .

Quilted on each side of the seams using a pretty Fall color variegated thread.

Next used the Rose of Sharon GO! die cutting these out of fabric with Heat n Bond pressed on.

2 large flowers

3 medium flowers

4 large leaves

4 small leaves

3 medium circle centers

Decided on my placement and pressed them all down.

Next I buttonhole stitched the design through all the layers using black thread on top with the variegated thread in bobbin.

It is pretty on back to doing this.

It is a technique I learned from Pat Sloan.

Trimmed up my runner and using black 2 inch strips I made my binding, sewed it on.

Fast, easy and simple along with I think appealing!!!

If you do not have a Go! Cutter you could still make this using rotary cutter and free hand drawing or tracing your flower shapes.

I have two more ‘Fallish’ projects to share before I head on into Christmas ones.

Yes I said it..Christmas !! YIKES!!!

Time is running out fast on us… best we get busy!!!



No idea why the above post came out double spaced this time!!!!


  1. No need to explain yourself, dear. Just Thank God that you were able to be there and help. I just the outcome was better. Hugs...

    On a side note, I love your runner. I need to do more applique. Ability will come with practice. I need practice!

  2. Love the runner! I made three Christmas presents this week! I have a lot more to do though! Have fun with your sewing! :0)

  3. I can only hope I would have done the same thing you did!!

    Have rescued a couple of really nice dogs and found them good homes. Made my heart feel good.

  4. Years ago a little mommy kitty was at my door pregnant. I fed her and hoped she lived nearby as she was a lover. Her pregnancy wasn't going well and I could easily see she was very sick when I got in from work late one afternoon. I called the vet and they said if I could get her there before 6pm they could tend to her. As soon as hubby was in the door we went and in a hurry to beat the clock. Afternoon traffic was heavy so he used the right shoulder of the road at the stop light to make the right turn to the vet. Instantly he was pulled over; we quickly explained the situation so the officer followed us to the vet office. I ran inside with kitty while hubby got his ticket. There was no saving the cat as she was very ill. I not only paid a hefty vet bill but hubby's moving violation as well. But you me it was ok...she wasn't suffering anymore.
    You did the right makes my heart feel good to know folks like you are still out there.

    Your runner is darling. Glad you have found time for your stitching.

  5. I am glad you helped her out. I am sure she felt your love too.

    Love the runner.

  6. I could see how relived Liza Jane was when wrapped in the blanket on your porch...she knew she had someone to take care of things for her and knew her struggles were over. I am honored to call you my friend. I do love your runner......making nice things with your GO, I see!

  7. I love your runner. You for sure did the right thing for Liza Jane. I'm not sure there's many out there who would have went as far as you did. Bless you!

  8. No, I disagree. You are an angel, and you did something that - obviously - a lot of people wouldn't. It wasn't at all selfish for you to want LizaJane as your next family pup. I think she was lucky to spend her last moments with you and be cared for in that loving way. Poor sweet pup. I showed my daughter your two previous posts and she was just as outraged as we all were. It's disgusting to witness that kind of disrespect for life!

    But I'm glad you're back at your sewing machine and sharing your projects with us. No matter what you're sharing or expressing, we are with you!

  9. Wonderful table runner. Hope it brought you some joy after that awful time with the sweet dog.

  10. You did the right thing, helping out a creature in need is always the right thin to do. Lizajane was blessed to have found you to spend her last hours feeling the loving hand of humanity rather than indifference and cruelty. God will smile on you.
    Your table runner is cute busy hands help a heavy heart. Bless you.

  11. So nice you were both there for Liza Jane.

    Lovely table runner Lola.

  12. You have such a dear heart taking care of LizaJane...I would have done the same...Bless you for that! I love your is just beautiful!

  13. Lola, you have a heart of gold. Thanks for sharing about LizaJane.

  14. Lola, Glad to see that your making good use of your GO!. It is a pleasure to have a good friend like you.


Luv hear'in from ya!!