Friday, March 27, 2009

Rainy Friday....

I sure hope all this mess will bring us some pretty flowers and more green!!!
We are up to an inch so far today. Got most over night.
More water in the well and swamp and pond and creeks and lakes...yes we may not sound like it but we are grateful indeed!
Our local market farmer did get his potatoes in finally. He also put in some other things from his green house.
Just too messy and wet to work in our garden this weekend. Reckon I will just have to force myself to play in my sewing room and eat DH's home baked bread... oh dear me I suffer soo...;-)

Yesterday was spent at BFF Deb's(no blog) home. We sewed up the oven dresses.
Here is mine. Deb's was not done when I left so no pic to share.

Here is a pic of Deb working on it though...ha!!

Here is a pic of Cocoa Kitty this AM.

"oh do hurry Mama I am so HUNGRY..." ;-)

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Very fun pattern, goodies and some fabs too!!


  1. Some rain is good but not too much I suppose. Those oven dresses are impossibly clever. Hello Deb! Look at that poor starving kitty.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. I live in ireland...need I say more? We get lots of rain.LOL

  3. cute towel dress. And what a pretty kitty!


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