Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Finish...

...from a while ago! I begin this shopping bag and it got laid aside. I used an old tablecloth that had some issues. So I did not mind using what I could from it for a new purpose.
Anyway here is is. I do think maybe the handles could have been a bit longer but I am happy with it. Nice size bag..18" tall by 16" wide at top, down to 12" and the bottom is 6"...will add maybe a plastic canvas bottom inside. Is lined with a new fabric to support the vintage fabric. Thought I could do a TUT for it but not sure how to make sense of the pics I managed to get!! Some were blurry.. did not look that way till I loaded them up..ugh!!
I have my own way of doing 'things' and can be hard to explain... ha!!
Like the pot holders, if there is a step I am not 'fond of' will find an easier way, at least to me!
I do have some 'retro' sheets that I want to make more of these bags from so will try very hard to set up tripod and get 'my very easy (lazy) way' recorded with pics!

I am off tomorrow to BFF Deb's for a sewing day.
She wants to make some of the oven dress towels.
These have been around for a long while now.
Simple and fun you can really have fun doing them up!!


  1. Nice bag and what a good idea to recycle that tablecloth. I think I have some I no longer use...and they are taking up space in a drawer. Might have to give this some thought!

  2. Great recycling idea for some lovely fabric. I like handles to fit comfortably over my shoulder. The *dress* towel is whimsicial! Have a fun day.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  3. great idea to use up old fabric. I love all retro especially cherries. Linda

  4. Great idea for recycling vintage tablecloth \ heading off for Amish Country....2 year old helping me with this comment

  5. Cool bag. I love the way you used the fabric. Hope you can do a tutorial sometime. It is always helpful, at least for folks like me that does better with visuals.

  6. I've been looking for a pattern for some time now for the towel dresses! Where did you find it!? I would love to make some as gifts, and for our family friend bazaar this fall.

  7. Great recycling idea and the bag is wonderful!

  8. great idea recycling table cloths!please do a TUt! those dress towels are stinkin' cute too. care to share the pattern? (mauh) Liz

  9. I have a tablecloth that I absolutely love and it is full of holes so I am going to use your idea and make a bag. I love the towel dress, I have have never seen them.

  10. Love recycling ideas!! Love this towel!!


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