Thursday, March 19, 2009 is trying

In between the cold and rain Spring has still pushed forward.
All the hyacinths have bloomed out..some purple, pink and a few pale yellow ones.
The japonica and baby’s breath is also blooming.
I did cut some forsythia branches a week ago to force in the house, and they are all bloomed out now.
Yesterday and today we have sunshine..finally.
Sadly it will not last long as rain coming in again later this evening…and cold! UGH!
I am happy about the rain cause it helps fill our well with water and bring us out of drought.
Only thing is a I wish we could have a day or two of sunshine then maybe day rain, etc. Ha!!

I am working on some sewing projects I can’t show as they are gifts.
After they are given will share.
I HOPE to get caught up on all my BOM’s next week.

We also have some family health issues going on too.
We just never know what the next day may hold .
So may posts may be few for a bit.

If you have sunshine enjoy it!!!!


  1. Hi Lola, I hope the health issues clear up soon, it's been a long winter! Loved your post today, it gives me hope that just maybe spring is actually on it's way!!

  2. Thinking positive thoughts that the health issues won't be serious and will be very short in duration. As for rain, I always say I wouldn't care if it rained every day as long as it did that during the night when I was asleep. LOL Only some crocuses and a couple of daffodils out here...and one or two EARLY tulips (but none in my yard yet).

  3. Hope health issues clear up soon. Lil' Rachel has flu. Just wants to sit in your lap or lay on sofa with her nightie(blankie). I picked a bunch of daffodils this afternoon. We cut grass this morning while it was so nice on this side of the rivah. It's been darkening up last few hours, blowing, few drops of rain, and getting COLDER!

  4. Well, it's just not trying hard enough, is it? I think Spring needs a mighty kick in the arse (or an engraved invitation to join us...?)

  5. Hope health issues clear up soon. Oh my gosh you cut grass. We still have snow in areas. Linda

  6. It will begin to colour autumn here in the next few weeks. Hope Spring visits soon. I like the new picture at the top of your blog - very nice!

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)


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