Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mid Atlantic Quilt Fest/Show

Had a good time at the quilt show in Hampton VA!!
We went despite the horrid weather, cold, rain only so far here over 2 inches already in rain gauge.
Met a couple blogging gals!
Liz…who is as fun in person as she is online!!
Here is our cute selves!!!
We plan to meet up again at a quilt shop near me or one somewhere!!
We are going to need to set up a ‘find Lola’s house in the boonies’, for her one day too.
She gave me and my 2 show companions, Diana and Shirl, a cute lil mini pincushion..cute!!!

You can go to her blog and get a chance to win some of these cuties!!

Then caught up with Elaine….we had a nice chat too!
She is just as nice in person as online!!!
Going to have to get her over on this side of the JRB so we can explore a few fabric places.
Here we are…;-)
I tell ya these gals are tall. Ha!!
Such fun I could have sat and chatted with them each for a long while.

We did some looking and I did some buying!
Got some nice fats, some patterns, some thread . Following Elaine’s lead I bought the Curve Master foot for my machine. ;-)
I had to order the adapter for my Bernina so can’t play till that comes in but it is so neat and no need worry over curves again.
No Pins!!! Also does the perfect ¼ inch seam as well!!

Some vendors we liked last year were not there. Seems like it is less every year.
Prices were really not that bad bought some 1.00 to 1.49 fat qts, these were buy 10 get 2 free!!!
I also bought some King Tut thread to try out.

Now I have to say we saw some pretty neat quilts but over all felt like the show was not up to caliber of years past. Some of the entry’s were not what I feel were ‘show ready’.
I am not saying this to be snobby really, I am by no means an expert, do not feel my work is 'show ready'(never will be)... but I have ripped out some sewing to do over that was not as bad as some I saw today( not arty quilts)! I have been beating myself up over my bindings…well I now feel like I am doing OKAY!!
Also seemed like some things were wrinkled and not hung to best advantage, show folks fault on that one.

Now as far as the ones that were GREAT well they were just that ..awesome.
From traditional to art quilts. Some very talented folks in quilting land!!
Will share some of these another day!


  1. I have enjoyed your report on the Quilt Show and delighted that you met some of your blogging friends. I'll be interested to read what you think of the curve master as I am thinking of getting one for my Janome. Lots of terrific goodies and great bargains.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. Morning Miss Lola!

    I had a terrific time with you and Miss Diana yesterday! Those quilts were beautiful eye candy, and I had the most fun watching you drool over all the gorgeous stash! LOL

    Thanks so much for inviting me, and I'll see you again soon!


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