Thursday, March 5, 2009


...the rest of the story…..!!

Gotcha !!!Gotcha!!!
Pat and I are soooo bad…well really Pat is the culprit !!! ;-)
Course I did go along… so I am just as bad I reckon!
Well not bad as in evil just triffling!!!

We were not at show at same timeno really we were not!
Yes it was a plot!!! A plot to fool our readers to thinking we were!!
We had a pic taken at the Best of Show quilt of us at different times…Pat from Delaware on Thur then me on Sunday!!

Pat’s DH is a pretty good fella with Photo Shop !!
He managed to take both pics and PUT US TOGETHER there at the show!!
How cool is that!!!!! FUNNY!!!
It was as close as we could come to being there at same time…this year!!!

Haa …well if you can’t find the fun in life what is the point!!!!
Hope you all enjoyed our lil humorous mess and maybe smiled about it!!!


  1. I thought we were very funny and clever to think of this.......helped ease our disappointment at not being able to meet up at the show, too! :)

  2. I kind of wondered because I remember Pat saying that she didn't meet up with anyone from blogland while she was at the show... you two are funny! You tricked us.

  3. I think its funny, and her DH did a great job photoshopping it! Glad you had a great time at the show!

  4. Cheeky Girls! You had me hoodwinked.


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