Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mt. Baby Blanket and Time...

Mountain Baby Blanket 1 'All my Froggy Friends' is done and ready to travel.
Came out so cute!
Sure hope it will keep a sweet precious baby warm and brighten up a Mama’s spirits too!!
Now I have to get to work on some other projects (WIP) that need to be done soon!
Also my BOM’s are behind!! NO!!!
So have lots to do around here in the sewing department not even thinking on the maid duties, cooks job, etc..well you get the idea!!
I mean Spring cleaning is upon us right.. we still have to do that right??
No say NO.. well works for me!!!

We have sunshine and warmth! YEE HAW..this country gal is happy!!
Casting away or blowing away as the wind is gusting….the Winter Blues!!!!
Don’t forget to Spring Forward one hour tonight with your clocks!
Now for me I just now feel like I am used to the Fall Back time.. ha!!!
Oh well we will have more daylight now to do outside stuff.
Check here for some tips on this new sleep transition …;-)


  1. I love the frog fabric. I have to get some for a friend's birthday block.
    Enjoyed seeing the pics!

  2. Ther froggy quilt turned out darling! You're up early girl! I woke up an hour more ago, been just lying there so wouldn't disturb DH but couldn't take it anylonger. When I do that I may doze off but have the strangest dreams that are exhausting. Not one to get exhausted awake much less asleep...teehee-hee

  3. ACK! Frogs! LOL The quilt is absolutely precious, Miss Lola! Great job!

    Enjoy the gorgeous weather this weekend!

  4. Love that frog fabric, it looks great and I hope the mama likes it! Its finally getting warm here - 65 today WOOHOO!!! But rain, lots of rain!

  5. SPRING forward? Bah! With all this snow up here, it feels like we'll never see Spring.
    You'll love making the Bunny Hill BOM this month! It's just so darn cute - and Spring-y.
    Love your froggy quilt. Their little faces are adorable and the colours are so nice and bright.
    Have a great weekend ☺

  6. Such cheeky little frogs and I'm sure they will bring a smile to a small face.

    C-l-e-a-n-i-n-g? C-o-o-k-i-n-g? Nope, can't say I'm familiar with the concept. It's all about the sewing, right?

    I'm delighted that your weather is improving. We are approaching autumn here and I'm loving it.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)


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