Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One more pic from MA Quilt Show

One last pic…Pat from A Little of This and a Little of Pat and Lola did make it to the quilt show in Hampton, Va!!!
Here is the pair checking out the Best in Show quilt.

Lola just said… nothing as swell as that is ever gonna come outta my sewing room!!

Pat likes it too but said... come on lets go find more FABRIC!!! I am all about the fabric… ha!!!

Lola replied....okay .. let me at those fat qts!!!

Stay tuned for a shocking revelation , as dear Paul Harvey would say..stay tuned for the rest of the story!!!!!!!

For us this is horrid cold!
My reading right now is 13!!!!!
We are on dial up here for pc/internet and the last few days we have had a stay connected problem.
I really think these vintage phone lines we have are being affected by this ice and cold !!
Most of the snow/ice stuff is gone but ground is frozen.
The poor flowers that were so pretty a few days ago look like some kind of frozen in time art work!!
Now the lil spoiled beagle is in high gear, even though she gets cold mind you, she is off with her nose going in over time!!
The cool crisp air brings her all kinds of fun pup smells.
Off we go, more like she is walking me!!!!
I sure am looking so forward to those high 60’s we are to be getting this weekend!!!!
Come on time for our Winter to be OVER!!!
After all this we need NEW WEATHER to complain about… haa!!!


  1. Yes...we surely were impressed by that quilt and I can't wait to tell them the story of what happened there at the show. (I was good about not buying a LOT of fabric, though...can't say the same for everyone else!!! LOL)

  2. What a beautiful quilt!

  3. I love your quilt and the story too. It is very impressive!

  4. That is so neat how he did the photo shop to put both of you in the same photo!

    My K-9 boys were enjoying the snow. My feline friends would stick their nose out of the door and back up to return to a toasty spot to take a cat-nap.

    Guess the snow will melt today. Some left yesterday. Ice falling off of the roof sounded like roof being crashed into with tree limbs yesterday.


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