Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sew'in, Cuss'in and Wash'in

Did sew ..some..;-)
Just these dog scarves .
Made them for a pal of DH’s 3 dogs.

I have also been TRYING to get the hang of the new serger.
Well I must admit there has been some ugly words spoken!!
I have to say I have got it threaded and can do some stitching.
Sadly the ‘stitch’ I bought it for I can’t seem to figure out!!!
The manual really is not done up very well.
Janome did email me some setting info but not working.
It looks as if I will have to take it to class and be taught how to use it!!

I have been washing up some fabrics.
Was given a basket full a while back and just stored it.
Decided to pull out, wash up and see what can be done with it.
Some will make its way into some quilts and other projects.

Was some wonderful white and cream cotton yardage in the pile!!
Some has some rust on it but can be cut around I think.
About 8 yards of the pink!!

There is a lot of yardage of cotton/poly.
Bright colors too. I have decide to make up some dog kennel quilts with it.
Really should be quite sturdy and hold up to a few washings.
Think I have some poly batting somewhere.
That strip on top is all cotton though, but so soft.
Maybe PJ Bottoms...;-)

I hope to be sewing on some projects again this coming week and cooking on my new gas cook top!!


  1. Bet those dogs will look cute in those bright St. Patrick's Day scarves! Wishing you better luck with that serger. Mine is still in the box since we moved here. *sigh*

  2. Doggy scarves are cute.
    The pile of fabrics you got are really nice ones. Understand the not so lady-like words with the serger...I seem to hear them when I try to use mine, too...

  3. I don't use my serger much anymore - it keeps jamming. It probably needs a good clean because it's been neglected. Hopefully you will figure out your brand new machine and have many hours of lovely sewing! And don't worry about the cussin'- I've heard that sergers are deaf. haha.
    ♥ the dog scarves. Those are going to be cool puppies wearing their St. Paddy's gear!

  4. Begone and Begorrah! They'll be the best dressed doggies arund. That is a fantastic haul of fabric and should keep you out of mischief for a wee while. Sorry to hear about your serger problems - I'm not on speaking terms with mine.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  5. I haven't used my serger for years. I used to hate it when the thread broke and I had 4 threads going at once. It now sits in the closet collecting dust. good luck with yours. Wow all that white. What are planning on doing with it? Linda

  6. Wouldn't those doggies look adorable in their new scarves at our St. Paddy Day Parade? Good luck with the serger! I don't have one, so I can't give you any advice!

  7. I LOVE working with a serger! It is THE BEST WAY to finish seam edges. I always used the sewing machine for that from 1967 up until 1997, when I purchased my first Toyota floor model for $150.00. They are so expensive now, and the less expensive ones are mostly junk. I wish i could afford a new one - I have a used Juki now, and it really is good! But I do not know how long it will last due to its age and mileage. They are a bear to thread; but a joy to make sam finishes and other types of sewing go better and faster! time invested in learning to use it everytime you sew is WELL WORTH IT!!! Enjoy!!! God Bless you!


Luv hear'in from ya!!