Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Project

I decided I really need to work on my ‘smallish’ cutting and piecing.
Has been a while since I have been able to. Did not cut myself!! YES! Ha!!
I need more practice for sure. …or just stick to my easier patterns.;-)
I did use the white cotton and some of the fabric I was given.
Picked the small basket pattern.
I made a wall hanging for the guest room.
The window treatments have those blue colors with some rose/pink.

Like that is what I SHOULD have been doing!! NOT!
Have a couple projects that NEED to be done in a few days!
Need therapy yes I really do..;-)

The cook top is good to go also.
We have given it a work out! JOY! JOY!
DH got the wiring all done for a new outlet so we can use the auto light.
So much easier now to do the clean up after cooking, love those sealed burners!!

Rain and Rain…we are into day 4 of dark gray and rain.
Today so far is only drizzle though.
We have a total of 2.5 inches so far.
I almost wish it was snow!!


  1. Love it you ALMOST wish it was snow! You know me I DO wish it was snow!!

    LOVE the basket quilt wallhanging! Really PRETTY!!

    What YUMMY things did you and DH cook on the new cooktop?

  2. I"m with you on being tired of rain...but.....NO snow wanted here, either!!! Glad your cooktop is functional now.

  3. I, too, am tired of rain! Hope the basket comes out well!

  4. I thought the same thing in Atlanta after several days of steady rain. A few degrees colder and what a snowfall it would have been!

  5. No rain here. Nothing but bright sunshine. The temps are getting higher everyday. The basket wallhanging is so cute. Linda

  6. Such a pretty basket! I've just made a miniature quilt and it was quite challenging handling all those little pieces.

    We could do with some of your rain. It's been a little bit dry around here.

    Take care...Ann :)


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