Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day !!!

Wishing every one a wonderful fun day today!!

Here is Miz Sadie wearing the 'green'.

Cocoa Kitty would have none of it, she will just go with her pretty green/gold eyes…!!!

Here is a cute pic of my gals Cocoa Kitty and Sadie the Beagle. Cocoa sort of just looks at Sadie with that “You just ain’t right” look all the time. ;-)
Here Cocoa is saying “I said No Sadie!! I am not letting you out of there! Yes that's right bow to the Queen!!” haa!!
Sadie will just wait till Cocoa moves then she will go out..yes she obeys the cat( her pup sitter) better than her peep parents!

Here are 2 Fun Sounding Giveaways for you to sign up for…I have!!
Not that my luck is all that good which could be a good thing for someone else…;-)
Lani's and Kaye's!

Now you have to go check out this TUT on an Easter Egg Quilt at Freda's Hive!!
So cute and would work up fast with neat patterned prints.


  1. I love your beagle!! I know, a beagle is a beagle, but Sadie looks like our Herbie. He walked on his tip toes, which Sadie appears to be doing. And she is broad in the chest like he was. And, he was also ruled by a cat.
    Happy St. Paddy's back at ya.

  2. Happy Day to you, too, Lola! Love the photos of your fur kids.

  3. Thanks! Here in Ireland, we really love to celebrate St. Paddy's Day. Your beagle is so cute!


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