Monday, March 2, 2009


..woke up to ice and snow..with wind blowing a gale!! Now here at noonish, snow back at it again heavier!
Mostly ice under everything and we are going down to 13 tonight, only 25 right now.
Man here we thought we had made it through Winter with none of this mess.
Power has already been off a couple times. We are sure hoping it does not go off for an extended period of time.
TV News in AM said some 111,ooo household in VA were out then!!
So many traffic accident and folks stuck in traffic for long periods of time!!
Just folks going to fast on ice . Ice is the great equalizer. No matter what you drive or how much experience you have had!! I can handle snow, was raised on lots more in Indiana/Mo then we normally get here but ice different matter. No chains or studded tires here either.
VDOT did not salt/sand any at all last night so some bridges closed as frozen.
Budget does not allow for much winter road care as we do not get that much of it.
Poor frozen jonquils were so pretty just yesterday!!
So will stay in nice and snug as possible by the warm logs and just watch the pretty snow fall.
Have my mug of warm tea now and DH made chili yesterday so we are good to go on warm comfy food too!!
I think I will fondle and pet my new Fat Qts some too... ha!!!
Hey all you folks further up the coast and over please take care, stay warm and safe!!!


  1. We have the same nonsense here today......and also no budget for snow removal/salting of roads since it isn't that severe here most winters.'s inside and that's not bad. I feel a nap coming on.....YAWN!!!

  2. We're braving the cold here in Michigan too, and I'm sooo ready for spring! Stay safe, and warm!!

  3. My father is from Scotland and he was telling us about ice and the havoc is causes. Your prolonged frozen winter means we'll have a cold one here. We haven't had a proper winter since I was a small child. It last snowed in Parramatta in 1953. It wasn't very much and melted as quickly as it fell.

    Not having any power is a worry when we are so dependent on it.

    Stay warm. Snuggle up!

    Cheers...Ann :)

  4. I can't imagine cold, icy roads like that! It gets cold living by the sea, but not like this.
    Stay warm and cozy inside!


Luv hear'in from ya!!