Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Cheese...

New book… “Who left my cheese in the Truck??”
No one ‘moved’ my cheese.
Nope did not move it at all!!

7:30 AM
I grab my cup of joe... go to ice box…no cream cheese…go to bread box.. no rye bread..????!!!!??
What the hoot is going on??
Shake my head…now did I DREAM that DH said he picked me up some cheese and bread yesterday??
Lord help me I am losing it..once again. Yes this happens every other day...the losing it part.
NO!! Can’t be dreaming, it happened.
I look and look..nada.

Finally give up and have to call DH at office.

DH.. Hey Babe!

Me..Am I losing my mind or what? Did you really pick up cheese and rye bread ?

DH.. hummm y…eeee…ssss.

Me..Okay by any chance do you know where it is now??

DH…whhhy ? (he is thinking oh no she is gone this time!!…)

Me.. I can't find any cheese or rye bread in this kitchen today!


Me ..hello?????

DH… hummmm y…eee…ssss I think I might know…..

DH..hummm ya might want to go look in the truck behind the seat…


DH.. yes I think I MAY have forgot to take it out!!

Me.. so what you are saying it that YOU FORGOT to bring in a bag ??? On my!
(sigghhh of relief …I am not crazy, well any more than I was already)

DH ..yes so now you will have to get dressed to go out to bring in your breakfast..!

Haaa.. to really get the humor in all this you would have to know how perfect my darling thinks he is.. and he is perfectly right for me….;-)
He did remember that I had said I was out of cheese and rye. So was very thoughtful of him to pick it up without me asking.
So I pulled on some shorts and top over my lil jammies, ( we have folks across road now... kids wait for bus) went out brought it in…was fine.
Had my nice and ‘spreadable’ cream cheese on rye toast with my coffee. YUM!
I just happen to like cream cheese better then butter.;-)

Now I have spoken to the MAN WHO LEAVES CHEESE in TRUCK a couple times again…says he is multi tasking.. OH LORD..please don’t let him
leave any company engineering ‘cheese’ out where it should not be!!!!!;-)


  1. OOOOOO, Lola.....was that cheese in okay shape after being unrefrigerated for hours??? (I am a worrier about improper storage of food items!!! LOL)

  2. too funny!
    I would have thought I dreamt it too!
    yes this happens to us as well!
    glad you didn't have to go without breakfast!

  3. Too funny, I have seen cheese in the supermarke left in bulk on an isle. But it was processed.

  4. Things like this happen to me all the time. Only I am the one who leaves it in the car@

  5. I throughly enjoyed that story.
    How cute!


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