Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Still into strips and floral..

Okay yes.. I am still pulling from that basket of fabric strips!!
I told ya I ripped up a lot of fabrics!! Ha!!
Anyway I pieced another small quilt/ table runner.
I think it is very pretty and I am really loving it.
I am calling it 'Cottage Garden'.

Every fabric is connected by several things.
All are floral, even the tone on tone cream I added to give the eye a place to rest.
Also reminds me of a cottage garden picket fence..yes I do often have flights of fancy!!;-)
The greens and pinks also connect each one , really they just sit so nice next to each other.
In any other project I would have never used all of them in one piece like this.
Just wait till you see it finished!
Not doing any borders. I am using a pretty green for the binding.
Hope to have it done by this weekend .
Nice pretty Spring look that is not Easter related.


  1. Your cottage garden is BEAUTIFUL! It is so springy and pretty!

  2. I love your cottage garden...it reminds me of spring...so pretty!

  3. Very dainty and pretty-looking!

  4. I really like Spring stuff, they look so clean and crisp. your runner is beautiful.


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