Friday, April 17, 2009

A Fav Quilt…

…of mine. Yes a Christmas one!
I made this some 27-30 yrs ago!!
I know the kids were small. Wanted to do 2 but could only afford to do one.
So they would take turns sleeping with it the couple weeks up till Christmas Day.
Yes this was done when I was just beginning to patchwork. ;-)
I used some panels depicting the Night Before Christmas story.
Was my kids favorite story, other than the Velveteen Rabbit…;-)
Now they shared this quilt up till they each left home!!
I use it on the sofa during the holidays and cover up with it!;-)
I think it has been amicably decided it will go to youngest son’s children when they come along.
Till then I will keep using it every year and remember those hard $$ times but sweet memories with my babies.
Yes there have been many better quilts and projects in the following years but this will always be the sweetest one...;-)

Now I am not participating in the ‘virtual quilt show’ hosted by Amy at Park City Girl but if you want you can cruise the blogs who are and see some neat things. I believe some cool prizes too.
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  1. Sometimes the most precious memories come when we have the least! So glad you can still enjoy your quilt and those memories!

  2. You must make sure that the story attached to this quilt is passed down to your family. What a wonderful tradition to have the children sleep under the Christmas quilt. A most precious heriloom indeed...Ann :)

  3. Why aren't you participating in the Quilt Festival? The quilt you showed is perfect for that.

  4. Wonderful story to go with your quilt! It's an heirloom!!


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