Saturday, April 25, 2009

The ‘reds’..

Yes we are now known as ‘the reds’.
No, not the Red Army or a house of red haired folks.
We seem to own and wear a lot of red clothing!!
As I was hanging out some wash I noticed it myself.
Look… a line of reds in varying shades but red none the less.
It brought to mind an episode with my granddaughter D a few years back.

D…Grand Mama( yes this is what my grands call me) did you wear that shirt yesterday?
Me…no babe.
D…well it looks like it.”
Me…humm well I reckon I can change to another one.
I come out again.
Me…we ready to go to the movies??
D… Grand Mama!!
D…do you own any shirts other than RED ones????
Me…yes but I do love red ones. Let’s go!!
So no not same shirt/top but same color! Ha!!

As for reds they also are very evident in our home as accents in many things.
No 'in your face' kind of things rather just a pop here or there.
Not really the bright orange kind of red more middle to dark ones.
In my sewing room they also will find their way on to a project!!!

So just a little bit of insight into my 'red' world.
Not that other colors do not live here as well they do.
Some days I am in a blue mood or pink one!
Oh yes love soft yellows or creams as back grounds.
White is here but plays on a very low key!!!


  1. Red is by far my favorite color. It is a sign of strength and self confidence, did you know that? I guess you have to feel good about yourself to go out in red and shout to the world, here I am!

  2. Red is such a fabulous color. It adds vibrancy to a quilt and color to your day! I have always been a pink and blue girl, but Red is definitely turning my head lately.

  3. hahaha.....I have a lot of BLUE in my wardrobe and must look like I wear the same clothes a lot, too.

  4. Red is a great colour, but I am afraid that I love pink more.I do use red a lot though.

  5. Ah, a lady after my own my house, on laundry day, I can find enough to have an all-red load for my laundry. A warm colour that sneaks into every corner here too.

  6. Red is my favorite color too! It's sooo happy :)


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