Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heavens to Betsy!!!!!!!

I am just floored!!!!!!
Lani of The never ending adventure! blog fame had her Hunky Cowboy Hubby do a name on her fun Giveaway it was mine !!!
Lordy Mercy!!
I reckon I can never again say I have not won anything!!

Some think I should maybe try for the lottery after these 2 days… ha!!!
Well if I don’t win lotto I am still happy with what I have been blessed with!!!!
Thanks so much Lani and I MAY have my pic taken in the bunny ears… ha!!

Lani has such a fun fun blog please check it out ,she is a hoot !!!
We all need laughter in our lives and she supplies it a plenty!

Our great big blog world is full of such wonderful folks, caring and sharing!
I have made some wonderful pals and got to know some awesome folks I otherwise would have never known!!
Don't ya love this BLOGG'N LAND!!!!!!!


  1. Blogging sure IS a great way to meet folks who enjoy the same things we enjoy. Congrats on this win, too! (And if you play...and WIN...the big lotto, I hope you remember all your friends in Blogland!!! LOL)

  2. Oh my! This is to great:) Maybe you should try the lottery. And yes blogland is great:)

  3. Mercy girl...go by a lottery ticket ASAP!!!
    Congrats that is awesome winning two giveaways back to back!!!

  4. Congrats on winning the giveaway and I agree, you should buy a lottery ticket.

  5. Three times a charm! What a lovely stash of goodies. Lucky you!

    Cheers...Ann :)


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