Saturday, April 4, 2009

A cutie and some hares...

Meet the love of my life! Ain't he a cutie??
Today is his birthday!!
We will have fun celebrating today and tomorrow.
Cross your fingers that the wonderful weather will hold !!!
Okay 'hare' we go! Ha... I know STOP IT already! ;-)
Here is a little bunny tucked into this basket lamp
along with his eggs and his pals the peeps!

Instead of a cricket on the hearth we have a wool felt hare penny rug!!

This is Old Nibblers hanging on the old oak cabinet door.

Here is a real prim hare just hanging around on a grape vine wreath with some prim old quilt eggs.
Hope you are enjoying the tour so far. We will continue tomorrow!!


  1. Oh I love all your bunnies!!! I am having a give away on my blog, come on over! Hugs, Mary

  2. Happy Birthday to your lovie! Love your bunnies.....


  3. I can see why he is the love of your life. I love the bunnies!

  4. Tell him we said happy belated birthdayy
    yes what a cutie he was and still is

  5. Cute bunnies!!! Love the runner~!


Luv hear'in from ya!!