Thursday, April 2, 2009

vintage family quilt

Sharing another as I promised.
This is small size , not baby small just somewhere between a twin and a cot.
Worked on by my paternal Grandmother Hancock and great Aunt Mary who was like a teen ,
maybe in the 20’s or earlier.
It is thin but there is batting of sorts just thin, seems a summer weight quilt.
I know they traveled a lot in their Model T car to lots of parks etc, camping
out with tents and cots.
So I like to think that it may be one they used on those trips…;-)
I do have old photos of some of these trips need to look at the camp closely!
A pretty blue and white cottons were used, now aged.
A lot of feed sack scraps used in those flower baskets too.
All by hand, pieced and quilted.
In very good shape for its age.

Today I also quilted my feed sack bunny runner…;-)
Finished but still have to put label on it and put it on table.
Finished pic later, camera needed new batteries!
Oh No! Where are they?? I know I have some!!!


  1. I have one of those vintage family quilts by my Great is a utility quilt made from old shirts and skirts that were on hand, she died before her and her 4 daughters could quilt it...Yours is lovely and just love that bunny! Hugs, Mary

  2. NICE family quilt and I can't wait to see the rest of your bunny table runner. What you showed so far looks ADORABLE!

  3. very pretty quilt.
    so nice that you have these to treasure.
    cute bunny, looking forward to seeing the rest!

  4. I just love that quilt. And the ones you showed previously. You are very fortunate to have them. Bunny runner is too cute!

  5. What a wonderful family story. To think that the quilt has travelled all about packed into a Model T Ford. Is that design called Cactus Pot? It has survived quite well despite its adventures. Such a precious heirloom.

    Can't wait to see the bunny mat.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)


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