Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plants, Blooms and a Twister….

Yes we had the wonderful weather we were expecting.
Felt good in lots of ways and not so in others..watery eyes, sneezing, headaches.. haa!!
We got the garden plot all worked up anyway!! That is winter wheat in fields.

Got in 16 tomato plants, assorted varieties, green peppers, 2 different kinds squash, butter crunch lettuce and romaine.
Seeded in some radishes too, they are an instant gratification thing…give them 10 days and ready to eat!!
We have more to plant snap beans, cukes, hot peppers, plus more.

We also worked in flower beds and on yard.
Put in 2 new dwarf gardenia bushes, planted a Confederate Jasmine we were given, that is iffy.
Put in border plants on one bed. Seeded area where stumps were ground up.
Loads of pretties blooming or budded out.
So pretty! Have to enjoy while they are here.
Fruit bushes have blooms and so does the fruit trees.

Also had to put out ‘hummer’ feeders.
So far I have counted 4 today , only saw one female so far.
Later will have hoards of them and will have to work to keep feeders full.
Yesterday evening we had a storm in our area that they believe was a twister.
We were lucky to only have things blow in the fields so we had to retrieve them and limbs come out of the maples.
Others had more serious things like fences blown down, gutters and shutters blown off, trees uprooted.
Also was hail in some areas that was bad.
No one was hurt that we know of so that was good!

Gee why can’t we just have some enjoyable weather without wind, or wet stuff…or pollen to set off allergies..oh well with out it no pretties or greenies..;-)
Expecting more chance of thunderstorms overnight and tomorrow.
After that though some pretty days ahead ! YEE HAW!!
Will just cover my nose and mouth and keep on workin on!!!

So no sewing done or much else in the house…save that for rainy days..;-)


  1. Any good suggestions to prevent squirrels from eating tomatoes? If you (or anyone reading this) have a good idea about that, please click on my name here and then email me a solution to those darned squirrels. *sigh*

  2. Hi Lola
    So glad to here you and your family are safe.
    You have been working hard. Ours has yet to be planted. It has rained to much and can't get the ground tilled. Can't wait for fresh vegies.

  3. I see you are planting your garden already! Of course, you are ahead of us up here further in the northeast. Sorry to hear about your allergies, my hubby has them too.
    Wish I was putting in a garden too this year, but we plan to move. Good luck with yours!


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