Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome! Come on in!

Our front door wreath.
Come on in. Have a seat of the sofa.
You will get a good look at the Feed Sack Bunny runner!!
The above pic is true to the colors.
Decided to put it on the sofa chest instead of dining room table.
Can enjoy it more that way!!
The depression glass candy dish holding pastel mints really set sits off too!!
I was told the other dish I use for candy was meant to hold a honey comb.
Sadly I did not get the other Feed Sack Bunny project I had in mind done...maybe next year...ha!!


  1. I love that feed sack bunny runner. Did you mention where you found that pattern? Your wreath is cute, too.

  2. Feedsack Bunnies looks so great in your pictures!! I'm so thrilled to see one of my patterns made up like this but you need to make that second version, please, I'm beggin' ya LOL. I was looking at an earlier post about your relatives camping in their model T. My dad and his mother and aunts did that, too, only I think they didn't even have a tent and just stopped by the side of the road. He said they had the most fabulously good time.

  3. How fresh and Spring-y! Your glass dishes are very pretty...Ann :)


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