Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sewing with Liz

Liz blogger buddy, came from Chesapeake out to the boonies Monday to visit and sew up an oven dress!!!
We did one each… sooo cute they came out!
Here is Liz with hers.
Here is me with mine.
I did mine a tad different…still playing with the design…;-)

The fabric she used is AWESOME and she gave me some!!!
I have plans for it and they are all for ME! Ha!!

We had such a fun visit, sewing, chatting & eating!
We were so into what we were doing, did not know had bad storms( a twister) around us!!!
Do know we got an inch of rain in just a few hours!!
So we think we will be making this a monthly ‘sew in’…;-)
I told her she has to pick the next project.. ha!!

We had smoked chopped pork BBQ DH had done on the weekend for lunch!!
Liz brought the ‘sweet’… some delish cookies she picked up..YUMMO!

Here is the smoker with 6 pork butts cooking low and slow.
He has had this thing over 20 yrs.

Here is the Mister chopping them up.
Would normally do this outside too but wind was horrid!
Forget how many pounds he put in freezer.
He does this twice a year doing between 6 or 8 butts depending on the size .
These were pretty big.
So that was yesterday now back to day of chores and hope I will have time to sew up a couple of things later!!


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Loving those little dresses and all your projects as of late! That pork looks yummy!

  2. Awe, those little oven dresses are adorable.

  3. Such cute dresses. Sounds like you had a great day!

  4. I love those little dresses! What fun you had!

  5. Hi Lola,
    Looks like you and Liz had fun. I've copied the pattern to make a couple, just need to do it. They really turned out cute
    I think I need to visit you about twice a year. That pork looks soooo
    Keep Stitchen'

  6. What a terrific day you both had and your oven dresses are looking good. The pork butt thing is fascinating. So you cook a few at a time then chop it up small and freeze it. How do you eat it?

    A curious Ann :)

  7. You get to have lots of sewing days, I'm jealous.

  8. Love the oven dresses, so cute. And your new fabric with the chickens. How wonderful. What a great way to spend the day.

  9. mmm the food looks delicious!

    What is your recipe for barbecue?
    Those dresses are adorable!


  10. You've been busy! That pork smells SO GOOD!

  11. The oven dresses are so cute!! Enjoyed your Easter decor as well. You have been extra busy.


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