Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday Sewing Day Project

Last Thur Deb and I had Sewing Day again.
This time we did these scrappy strippy foundation pieced squares.
You either love 'em or hate 'em...ha!!!
The foundation sq was 12 inches.
We took some old fabby’s and uglies, striped them into different widths.
Pressed then sewed them on the foundation fabric.
The iron and spray starch are two good friends when doing these.
Next we cut the sq diagonally , like a big X.
Switched the triangles all around and sewed them back into a sq.
Trimmed up.

How the back looks ..showing how we cut and sewed back.
Now we were just playing learning what to do on the next ones we do.
1…as in trying to have all different fabrics
2…making sure the sqs each have two up triangles and two across ones
3…try to do the quilt as you go method using the sew in sashing tubes
We want to use up all this old fabric and we have loads of squares & strips left !!
So we may be doing some kiddo summer quilts this simple way!!

Anyway we each came out of the session with 4 blocks.
This is what I did with mine.
Made a funky table topper or wall hanging!!
If you do not like buttons on things LOOK AWAY now…;-)
I used some of the fabby strips as borders.
Sewed a backing on it right sides together.
Tuned , pressed then sewed around the border outside close to edge to close up.
Also around the inner edge of border. That is it on this one.
Buttons on where points meet.
With my borders on came out 24X24 inches.
It does have a nice weight to it could be used for warmer months.
If done in flannels would be neat and warm too.
TTTTThat's all folks.....;-)


  1. I love the blocks! I also like to use strips when I sew sometimes. Great job!

  2. What a FUN sewing-day project. I may do more strip blocks later today.

  3. These are awesome! And so unique, thanks for sharing this new to me idea!


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