Sunday, January 31, 2010

We got sunshine......

We got sunshine…on the snow today….

Yes it's cold outside but I got the month of May.
I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?
Sunshine ..Sunshine… Sunshine
Talkin' 'bout sunshine…

Sorry Temptations just had to use your tune for my tune… hahaha!!

Yes very cold still.

Was single digits over night.

Had a pipe freeze scare but DH caught in time.

We keep spigots dripping and they stopped!!

Had to add a heater to pump house as light alone was not enough.

Thawed right out as it had just begun.


Have sun streaming into the sewing room/studio from the double windows.

So I feel sort of peppy!! ;-)

Going to sew a bit.

Think I will just stay inside today and enjoy the beauty outside from my windows only.

Yes even those icicles are pretty!!!

So nice and still out.. quite too as very few trucks coming by as the road is ice mostly.

No paper delivery today either and I am sure no mail tomorrow .

None since Friday.

Only bad thing is some of my meds come by mail and I need them.

Oh well we all have something to deal with so I am sure I will make it through as well.

Below pic is something to look forward too.
They are already up!!


  1. It is amazing what a little sunshine can your pictures and the dafadils...

  2. Our paper was later than normal for this delivery person but it arrived a little after seven. Yesterday he delivered it before it started snowing and I had to dig it out. We got mail yesterday. Though s-i-l next door dug up some of a neighbor's mail today that fell without mailman knowing and got covered under the falling snow.

    The grandbabies and one set of their cousins had a blast sledding down the hill in the back yard.

    Me I shoveled snow today for a while. This afternoon oldest grandson Jake came by and he finished what I had started. Wanted path for mailman and away from garage door.

    Been cooking and eating.

    Dogs were having a fit yesterday wanting out to play in the falling snow...but today they said not as much fun...slippery today for them...both have some issues so I don't blame them.

  3. They already announced school is closed here tomorrow. I have greenery from spring flower bulbs that was popping up through the ground now for the past few weeks.....guess it is now "sleeping" under its bed of snow. *sigh*

  4. love those pictures, we enjoyed the sun here as well. and they've called off school as well for tomorrow.

  5. Love the pictures of the sunshine. hope things start to melt there soon. No snow here since Thursday but still very cold only low twenties. 'Love your daffodils.

  6. We had sun today too, but you sure couldn't tell by looking at the thermometer! It was -2 when I got up this morning. I am SO ready for spring!

  7. I cant wait to see some daffodils here! melinda

  8. That looks soooooo cold! Glad the pipes didn't freeze.

  9. Won't that Spring be a welcome change! Hang in there. Ann :-)

  10. Yippiee for the sun!! We had some too! We had ice & Church was cancelled. So glad you caught the pipes before they froze solid!

  11. It looks very cold outside so I think it was a good option to stay in and sew.

    Hope the mail is delivered before your meds ran out Lola.


Luv hear'in from ya!!