Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Do WHAT????

You ask...Are you crazy??? EASTER??
Yes I am crazy(most who know me will verify that) and yes it is Easter fabrics!!

I pulled a basket off the shelf looking for something else, of course, yesterday evening...got side tracked when I found these sweet scraps!!
So played a bit, well a lot.
A runner these will be.
Will add nice spring fabby strips to 'plump' them up.

Will it be this way with the flying geese look....or....

..this way with the pinwheel look?????
Hummm ...decisions ....decisions...always decisions.

Look at those sweet cheeky wee baby chicks cracking out of those eggs!!!
So what ya think???Which way would you choose???
Besides with it so blasted cold here this warms me up to think of Spring...how about you!

I will leave you to decide as I am sitting in a hospital waiting room to be TESTED....!!
Oh my I hope I pass....the tests...not anything else......;-)

Did I say a giveaway MAY be involved???
Well a giveaway will be involved..there I said it right out....;-)
Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. oh wow that looks gorgeous what lovely colours and personally I like the pinwheel layout...Hoping you passed the test,cheers Vickie

  2. i like the pinwheel look...and you had me at "giveaway".....good luck today, I hope all goes well

  3. I like the pinwheels as well, but who knows, flying geese would also be good. Decisions, decisions... I'm sure however you do it, it's going to be just right. I hope all your tests went well.

  4. very pretty indeed. I'm need to start working on Valentines day stuff. ~ first to clean up my sewing room ARGHHHH

  5. My definite preference is the pinwheel version. Good luck with the tests today.

  6. Hope you pass the tests with flying colours.

    I love the pinwheel layout best.

    OH!!! What giveaway??????

  7. Very cute, and not crazy at all. It's always good to get a little ahead.

  8. I love the pinwheels! Both are great but that is what I like. Easter? My Grands just put an Easter puzzle together.

  9. I love the pinwheel, but more than that I ,love that you have a jump on spring. I could use some of that, now I need to go check out what"s in my stash. Good luck with you test.

  10. I have to choose the pinwheels. I love the egg fabric....so spring-y!

    Hope you passed with flying colors!

  11. Oh, the pinwheels get my vote. Very cheerful. I'm thinking of you, and wishing you good outcome.

  12. I'll go with the crowd and say pinwheels. Good luck!

  13. wow you are ahead of the game! Good planing!

    Happy new year!

  14. I do hope you pass all the test with flying geese colors lol
    Funny I just said to my daughter we need to get some Easter things done before time gets away from us.. LOL
    I must be crazy too then.

  15. hoping your testing went well...

    I say pinwheel -- Really sets off the easter blocks...

  16. I think you are very wise to be thinking about Easter projects. I haven't even wrapped my head around Valentine's Day yet, so it's almost guaranteed I won't have a pretty little project done for that. If I get a vote, I would pick the pinwheel look for your table runner. The fabrics are gorgeous!

    I hope you 'pass' your test! ;)

  17. Hope your test is over and you passed with flying colors. I vote on the pinwheel too. I always get side tracked when looking through my stash!

  18. Love the pinwheel design--love the fabric too! I also love how you find an unfinished project and it becomes new and fresh again and you just have to finish it! I love table runners!

  19. Hope your tests come back OK... BTW, I like the pinwheel layout. I can't believe you're thinking of Easter already! LOL

  20. Yep, it's *almost* Easter. It must be. There are chocolate eggs and hot cross buns in the supermarket. Sheesh! Good luck with all those tests, I'm sure things will be okay. That's a pretty selection of fabrics. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)


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