Sunday, January 3, 2010

We are so cold!!!

BURRRRRR...yes we are low 20's and windy!!!
Snow fella kinda weather!
Heat running over time!
Well I must say January is beginning with a bang here in my world!
I have a busy few days ahead.
Monday have skin surgeon appt for Aunt Dot then Tuesday I will be having 2 tests done..UGH!
We also are having an electrician to come check out some things!!
GEE! Always something!!
DH and I did begin the New Year with a grand 'country' meal!

Had our good luck black eyed peas and collards, sweet taters, pork freshies with gravy and hot biscuits.
No I did not eat much but DH enjoyed it plus had leftovers over weekend.

This is one of my all time fav dishes. A pottery gravy/sauce 'boat' with a sweet lil dipper.
So cute! Not sure if it came from Chippokes Plantation or Newport News Fall Fest.
Anyway I have not been last 2 yrs to either so have not seen if he has added any new pieces.
I also have a couple other pieces.

My bread basket...haha!
Yes I do use my wayward quilt squares and practice quilting on them.
Hey better than throwing them away. Make great basket warmer/ liners and wash up fine.
These are older ones ...maybe my quilting has improved somewhat! ;-)

My cutting table Saturday! OH NO!
Hoping to get that 'situation' cleared off today!!
I have things to do!! Fabrics to cut!!!
I also need to put the Christmas away.
So will see how productive I am.
I can be quite the slack slug at times!!

Saturday afternoon went to niece's home to give her some 'support' with her painting of her 'new' home office!
Pretty color..a soothing green.
Needs to be set up to go come Monday!
Her company is now having them work from home.
I think it will work out well for her too.

Weeell pilgrims...reckon I best get if I want to get any of my planned chores completed!
Happy 'Sunday' Trails to you, till we meet again!!!! ;-)


  1. that dinner looks yummy...i hope all goes well with aunt dot and you

  2. I, too, hope for happy news from your tests and that Aunt Dot won't need more surgery. LOVE the idea of using the quilt blocks as warmers in the bread basket!!! Good idea!

  3. Cold snowy and nasty here too. Makes going out a real pain. Be safe on your errands and hope the tests all come out perfect!

  4. It was 40 deg celius today so after my swim sat inside with the air con on,cleaned my sewing room, did some cutting for my Monday sewing group and blogged.
    Hope all goes well for you.
    Enjoy the painting.

  5. We're in NW Arkansas in our RV. Two inches of snow on the ground, 25 degrees, and more snow all week with a cap off of below zero temps on Friday.

    Makes my airstream a frozen tin can...LOL!

    Pass the peas, please!

  6. Wishing you the best for Dot and your tests!

    I love your little gravy boat and ladle.

    My sewing area looks very similar after the holidays. I need to get in there and do some organizing.

  7. I've been thinking of you. good luck with your tests. I'm hoping for good results.

  8. Dinner look sooooo good, and love your dishes and bread basket!!

  9. It's been cold and windy here too...I don't think it got out of the teens all day today. I'm ready for spring!
    I love the way you are using your practice pieces! I should do the same.
    Good luck with all your appointments this week!

  10. Very cold here too. We've had about three days of snow showers,nothing serious only got about 4 or so inches. Good for staying in and getting some sewing done. Too bad it's back to work tomorrow for me! :^(

  11. Why is it that we assume everything will be different in the 'new year'? Life just goes on as usual, doesn't it, with all the busyness we've come to expect.

    I still need to put most of Christmas away too. My husband took down the tree (all by himself and he even put away the ornaments) but the rest of it is up to me. Later... later...

    Happy Sunday to you, Lola (what's left of it).

  12. Hi--hope all comes out fine for you all at your appointments!! Life seems to have a way of knowing it has to go on--no matter what the day or the weather is!!! I am really cold here, but me has been inside all day--but tomorrow I do have to go out twice--yuck!!!!
    Take care--am thinking about you!!
    Hugs, Di&co.

  13. I'm praying for you and yours, that all will be well.
    You're a busy lady, get some rest in there sometime too ok?

  14. If it*s gonna be this cold***I want SNOW!*!*!*!

    Love the gravy bowl and ladle you got either at PP&P or NNFF... I missed it at which ever one it was...I'm wondering if we'll even go to PP&P this year SO SO DISAPPOINTED in it in 2008 and 2009. And this year I only attended NNFF on Sat not both days. We used to attend PP&P both days...then just Sat. My favorite food vendor wasn't at PP&P this year with their ham sandwiches and applejacks&sweetpotatojacks. Found some but they were no where near as good.

    Oh well, Mid-Atlantic here we come!!!


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