Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another finish...?????

Yes ma'am!!!!
I finished up the pieced heart blocks into a runner for my sofa chest.

Would have been done sooner but I tend to over think things or waffle a lot.
Yes I do. Siggghh!
Will decide on one design or fabric then say well maybe this or that.
Was thinking of doing the 4 blocks as a topper but decided I would use a runner more.

Here is the backing fabric. It is pretty too.
Could just flip it over for when I do my tea...so not to accidentally mess up the blocks...;-)
Did simple quilting on my machine.
I like it so that is all that counts.
I am not an expert here so simple is my theme!
I did play at some hearts and decided NO WAY...more practice is called for I think with my free motion.
Thanks Ms. Char for my pretty heart blocks!!

Now to get this one done for dining room table.
Just need to finish piecing 3 more blocks.

So far so good for my Jan... 2 finishes!!
First one here.
Now on to another I hope.
I have added some 'new starts' to the list also..OH NO!

Yesterday was a wash out!
For real! If you look close can see the one in the field.
Took this from a back window looking at rain gauge.
Like I needed that to tell me we had a LOT of rain!

Pup and I have to go to one high spot for her personal biz.
To get there though we have to wade a bit!
Our yard is a sponge that is full!!
Now if only we can hope the moles have drown.
Sorry all animal lovers but that is how I feel.
They have tore up this yard looking for higher ground!!

At least the swamps and streams are full again.
So full some roads were closed with high water.
Out here in the boonies have some really low spots.
We have just had so very much rain last 3 months!

So now cold again( with sunshine though) and calling for frozen 'something' Friday and Saturday..Oh Vey!


  1. Another gorgeous runner from the Lola collection!

  2. Love the runner...and this animal lover hopes her moles drowned yesterday too!! The past two weeks our yard has become a hazard to try to walk across huge tracks you fall into!

  3. What a gorgeous runner! You did such a lovely job!

  4. It's soooo pretty! And I know what you mean about waffling - I do that too, especially when it comes to picking a quilting design.

    Oh look at all that rain. Not good! (But may I say, it's better than all our snow.)

  5. You are just a truckin' along with your quilting and finishing. Good for you, you must be feeling better.
    I have to disagree with Rachel. I would rather have snow than rain.

  6. I love your runner...but I don't love your rain and I do wish you'd stop sending it this way!!! LOL

  7. Love the runner....you really are on busy gal...infact there are alot of busy gals out there, won't some of it rubb off on me????

  8. We had a ton of rain yesterday too. You're really on fire with your finishes this month keep it up. :^)

  9. The runner is lovely. That will be fun to display next month.

    A wash out is right!!! Yikes!

  10. Love the runner. Isn't it great that we have bright cheery fabric to make us feel better when it rains!

  11. love the heart table topper/runner, so pretty......great job, as always

  12. Oh my Lola it looks like you are socked in. We really need rain here in Florida. Hope you are enjoying your new projects. I love all the red and white.

  13. Such a lovely table runner Lola and would work fine turned over. Some folks pay big money for *water views*.....chuckle! Ann :-)

  14. Love your runner.
    I can relate to you wanting to get rid of the moles as I have a rabbit problem and would be happy to bump them all off.

  15. Lovely table runner! You are doing great with two finishes already!

    Happy sewing!


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