Saturday, January 30, 2010

You scream....

..I scream
..we all scream
..for SNOW CREAM!!!
Yes we be 2 small kids inside!!
DH got brain freeze... silly man.
I ate slowly... did not gulp it down.

Help we are hungry!!!!!

Don't fret my feathered friends!Help is on the way.

DH also helped Sadie and I by scraping the steps and walk.

Sadie does NOT like it at all!!!
She finally did her biz then headed licity split for the house!!

UGH...sinking down!

Here I is!!! Layered up and baggy pants!
Haa! Ha!

So cold ... 21 F wind still blowing.
All frozen outside.. since pics more snow has fallen and sleet.
Say we are to get maybe a small bit more over night.
So reckon we will just see what tomorrow brings!
Just will wake up to an Icy World tomorrow!
Hope this is the last of it for the year!!

I have really not done much sewing or stitchery wise.
Just hung out with DH doing TV.
A movie on Hallmark tonight I want to watch.
Just a pretty lazy day!!!
Hope every one touched by this storm is warm and safe all snug in for the night too!!


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering my OWOH giveaway! I wish you luck.

    Your blog is very cute; I hope you'll be back to visit mine again, too!

    Stay warm!

  2. Brr.....that looks so cold. Poor Sadie's tummy must be so cold.

  3. I, too, hope this is the end of it for this year!

  4. burrrr.........too cold for me. Bundle up under a quilt and stay warm!

  5. I'm hoping that the groundhog won't see his shadow on Tuesday and that spring is just around the corner, but I'm afraid that we have a lot of winter left yet...

  6. At least you know you are not the only one having Snow Cream! This ole pair of Virginias had the same thing tonight! It is midnight and it is still snowing here. I too, hope everyone is safe and warm.

  7. That snow looks pretty good to me Lola. I feel sorry for your puppy though. Stay snug and warm, Ann :-)

  8. Lola I love looking at your snow. I know you are sick of it. Poor Sadie I am sure she is pleased to go back inside.
    Keep Warm, I am LOL


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