Monday, January 4, 2010

Sew Sunday!

One large baby doll quilt ...done.

A set of blocks to be finished with more stuffing.
A bit fiddly but cute.

Sunday was a productive day!
I DID clean off that cutting table and got to work!

I have quite the LONG LIST of projects.
I do hope I can proceed with some W'sIP and have some more finishes!
Just seems to get my motor revved up when I complete something...even though if has been waiting ...waiting ..waiting!!
When I return home today I plan to get to it again!!

Still burrrrrrrrry cold here!
Teens over night and wind making it feel colder!
Hope this cold snap does not last much longer!!!
If we liked it we would move way up north!!NOT;-)

Off to get ready to hit the road!!
Driving Miss Dot today ya know!!!
Happy Monday Ya'll!!


  1. You and Miss Dot be safe today and I love the Doll quilt.

  2. What fun projects you showed. Hope all goes well with Miss Dot's appt today. I agree about the darned cold weather....*sigh*

  3. Yeah it's freezing here in Florida, literally. This is not what I signed up for. Kids go back to school tomorrow and I head for the sewing room. YIPEE

  4. Good thoughts are sent for you today.

    Looks like it was a productive Sunday for you.

  5. Cold is right...BBBBBBBRRRRRRR!

  6. Hi Lola, I hope you a Very Happy New Year from Portugal!:)

  7. Hurray for you - a quilt finish! Those baby blocks ARE cute!

    I know what you mean about being spurred on by a finished project. I "know" what you mean - Hope I can get that feeling soon.

    Back to work today... the marking is already piling up. Oh well... I had yesterday off; what more could I ask?

  8. You did have a productive day....stay warm!!

  9. I love your blog! I am happy that you stopped by mine so I could find yours!

  10. It is freezing here too, and so icy that I haven't stepped outside once today. Love your quilt that you finished.

  11. Those turned out so cute. The blocks are great. Stay warm and cuddly!


Luv hear'in from ya!!